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Aprille Clarke- Bio

Aprille Clarke lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa. Her background is in literary translation and foreign language, which manifests itself in a love of foreign travel and creative, international cuisine. She is interested in balancing a healthy lifestyle with not being too uptight about things.
Aprille is a freelance fiction writer and playwright on […]

Danielle Manning - Bio

Danielle Manning lives in the Philadelphia suburbs. She is an active runner and has participated in many sports throughout her life, including gymnastics and soccer. She enjoys finding quick and easy ways to make healthy, creative and satisfying meals. In her spare time besides cooking she enjoys hiking, travelling, reading and art.

Sara Maamouri - Bio

Sara Maamouri grew up in Tunisia where meals reign the family and seasons rule the kitchen. She now lives in San Francisco with a huge hungry man and a sink full of dirty dishes. A documentary filmmaker by trade, she splits her time between producing, video editing and writing a cookbook called The […]

Sher Cermak - Bio

Sher Cermak, born in Mississippi to a family with a fanatical interest in food, never had a chance. She was destined to grow up obsessed with eating, cooking and reading about food. She lives in the Central Valley of California with a husband, a cat, two birds and her treasured cookbook collection. […]

Jade Ledger - Bio

I grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington State (U.S.), attained a B.S., magna cum laude, in Biochemistry, and decided to have a long hard thought about graduate school. (Still thinking).
I put myself through college working in fine restaurants, and consequently found my passion for exotic foods well nourished. Early in […]

Debi Morris - Bio

For six years I have been committed to finding healthy recipes without sacrificing taste, texture, or visual appeal. The biggest challenges are achieving variety and convenience. Even the best meals get old if you make them too often, and sometimes youíre too tired to make something healthy when itís so much easier to […]

Sheryl Kirby - Bio

Sheryl Kirby is a freelance writer and editor from Toronto, Ontario. She studied Culinary Arts at Torontoís George Brown School of Hospitality, and ran her own catering and concert production business for many years. Sheryl got her start in journalism in Toronto’s thriving zine scene of the early-90s, and was the editor of a website […]