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12 Best Foods: Blueberries

Note: This post is the second in a series of twelve reviewing the 12 Best Foods Cookbook.

According to Dana Jacobi (12 Best Foods Cookbook), blueberries are the best fruit because they contain the most antioxidants, significantly less pesticides are used in their cultivation, and they are the least perishable of all berries. They are […]

Black Beans as Brain Food

It’s a good thing that my almost-four-year-old son, Nicholas, enjoys black beans as much as he does, especially since they are considered one of the Top 10 Brain Foods. In addition to being good for your mind, Science News also reports that it is invaluable in warding off heart disease. As one of the World’s […]

Tomato growin’

This journey began after I read The $64 Tomato by Bill Alexander. His gardening insanity is contagious, and I had a bad case after reading the book. Iíve never had much of a green thumb; I kill plants. Not intentionally, but time and again, it happens. Whatís my secret? Oh, I […]

Online Weight Loss

You know how to shed those excess pounds, everyone does, but you just donít know how to put it into practice. Or you know and just canít seem to keep yourself motivated for any sustainable period of time. Or maybe youíve lost those same 10 pounds time and again using fad diets, only to have […]

Digging up Dirt on Sodium Benzoate

If you think thereís nothing scarier than food thatís growing a shaggy carpet of mold, then how do you feel about food that is inhospitable to microbial life? A prime example would be McDonaldís french fries, as seen on the DVD extra cuts from the movie ďSupersize MeĒ or in this copycat experiment. […]

Comfort Food, Middle Eastern Style

I discovered this recipe in the book Lean Bean Cuisine, where the author says he got it from his Syrian grandmother. In researching further, I discovered that it is an ancient dish that has roots in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, and other countries of the region. Legend even says that this is the dish […]

Marinated Pasta and Vegetable Salad

Note: This article is adapted from a post on the author’s blog.
Every time winter finally passes and the weather starts to change, I get the urge to make Marinated Pasta with Vegetables. I found the recipe years ago in a vegetarian cookbook and I was intrigued because it didn’t have mayonnaise or cubed American […]

Squeezing some nutrition out of summer cocktails

It’s summertime, which means weddings, garden parties, and lots of opportunities for drinking. Research has shown that moderate alcohol consumption can be part of a healthy diet and can even have benefits to the heart and circulatory system, and it may also protect against gallstones and type 2 diabetes. Of course, limiting quantities […]

The Wonders of Green Tea

It seems no matter where you turn these days, people are drinking green tea. Even the large soda manufacturers have caught on to the trend and are selling the stuff, with ads plastered all over prime time television for versions of the drink.
So what exactly is it about green tea that has people talking? Turns […]

Soy Impacts Thyroid Function

Although it is underreported in conventional media, health problems are plaguing some of those who have extensively consumed soy products. Many of these health concerns are being hotly debated, while the scientific evidence is contradictory. Yet the least contested of these negative impacts is that of soy on the thyroid. Even […]