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Quick and Easy Lentil Nests

A common misconception is that if you’re short on time, your only option is preprepared food -fast food, junk food, processed food. This does not have to be the case.
Imagine, if you will, a typical evening in my household: both my partner and I are exhausted from a long day’s work, and more […]

Desktop Survival

If you are an office dweller, you’ve probably experienced a desktop lunch at some point. You know what I am talking about. Scrolling through the headlines, a plate next to the keyboard and a bottle of soda nearby . . . or maybe it’s email, a coffee and a plastic container of some lunchroom grub. […]

On the go without Breakfast? Try a healthy smoothie.

Imagine the following scenario and see if it sounds familiar.
You arouse from a slumber so deep and calm to a blaring alarm, which you had pressed snooze on twice already. As you ready yourself, you are running behind schedule. Oh no, you think, I cannot be late for work again.
As you hurriedly grab […]

My Second Week As A Vegan: My Favorite Vegan Meal

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my first week’s experience eating a vegan diet. In that installment I talked about breaking the faith, so to speak, by eating two tablespoons of Italian tuna on day seven. Despite the great pleasure I had eating that meager amount, I didn’t go on a tuna […]

Are functional foods feasible?

Visit your local convenience store, and you’ll see candy fortified with calcium and vitamin C sitting amongst Snickers bars. Cruise down your grocer’s drink aisle, and you’ll see ordinary tea and water now equipped with Echinacea and St. John’s Wort. Peek down the dairy aisle, and you’ll see yogurt fortified with vitamin D. There’s no […]

Little products that go a long way

Sometimes cooking and eating in a healthy way can be exhausting. There’s the counting of calories, carbs, and fat grams, the search for organic and locally-grown produce, the avoidance of trans-fats, the limiting of red meats, the inclusion of superfoods, and more. Once you’ve assembled all your high-quality ingredients, the last thing you […]

How to stock a FitFare Pantry

There is a famous saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” This can be especially true when you are trying to eat healthy. The daily obstacles we face, whether they be cranky husbands or wives, crying children, traffic jams, mounting housework or work deadlines can leave us exhausted. […]

School Lunch - Part IV: Solutions

Despite all the bad news about school lunches, there is actually a great deal of good news throughout the country. Programs have been springing up intent upon improving the state of our children’s lunches and making sure that proper nutrition is available to everyone.
Some programs have begun with smaller gestures, such […]

12 Best Foods: Soy

In the 12 Best Foods Cookbook, Dana Jacobi tells us that soy earns the top spot as the Best Food because:
. . . it offers so many benefits and delicious possibilities. The health benefits come from its protein, isoflavones (estrogenlike substances for which soy is the only major food source) and other bioactive elements, […]

Less Stress for the Breastfed

Breastfeeding has been making a lot of headlines lately, from the hullabaloo caused by a recent pro-breastfeeding government ad campaign, to the cancelled Massachusetts ban on gifts of formula to new mothers in hospitals, to the “lactivist” protests in response to Barbara Walters’ negative comments about a nursing mother on an airplane.
Although the media […]