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Why are you picking up that fork?

You may overeat for many reasons, among the most common: emotions. In fact, emotional triggers cause an estimated 75 percent of all overeating.
It is unknown why this is, but several theories exist. One theory involves physiological cues that tell your body to reach for that chocolate bar. That chocolate bar, for example, contains chemicals that […]

Profile: Frieda’s Makes Exotic Produce Commonplace

Back in 1962, the kiwifruit (then known as the Chinese gooseberry) was a virtual unknown to American consumers, but thanks to the grit, creativity and resourcefulness of produce distributor Frieda Caplan, the brown, furry fruit was renamed, promoted directly to consumers and eventually became a staple of fruit salads and bowls across the land.
Frieda’s, Inc., […]

Low-fat chicken chili

This hearty chili cooks all day in the slow-cooker, which makes it nice to come home to at the end of the work day. Amounts of ingredients highly adjustable; shift quantities according to personal preference.
Low Fat Chicken Chili
- 1 recipe chicken stock or a two quarts prepared stock
Note: Homemade chicken stock is sort of time-consuming […]

Healthy Cajun Cookbooks: Part 1

Many people do not usually associate cajun cooking and health. I have been self-appointed to rectify this situation. Over the past few months I have shared family recipes, some modified, others in their original form and have attempted to showcase the health benefits of this beloved cuisine.For those readers that are now inspired to buy […]

How to Dress (Your Salad, That Is)

Photo courtesy of the BBCSalad is not complete without a delicious, delectable dressing to enlighten the taste buds and excite the palate. And while there are some fantastic bottled dressings out there that meet my own lofty criteria (no partially hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, calories within reason and still very tasty), nothing […]

The Night Shift and Nutrition

I work the graveyard shift, or what I like to call “vampire hours.” Many people have no concept of how working in the wee hours of the morning can completely mess up your system. I had no concept of it until I started my current job.
So, when my migraines became more frequent, my legs stopped […]

Fall Feast-ival: Round-up #1

We only have 5 days left until the end of FitFare’s October event, Fall Feast-ival. So far we’ve only seen a few entries, so if you are thinking of joining in but haven’t yet, now’s the time!
There are so many delicious fall fruits and vegetables like pears, apples, squash, chard and endive. For a […]

Dark Chocolate can be a Halloween treat

As Halloween looms, the quest for the perfect candy to be given out begins. The last thing you want to do is to buy candy that you know will be sorted out and thrown away. On numerous Halloween’s past, I recall sorting out many candies I knew I detested. However, I was […]

Does Diet Affect Hypothyroidism?

About ten years ago, I learned that my thyroid wasn’t producing enough of the hormones that help regulate bodily functions. My doctor assured me that it was a common condition and taking a pill containing synthetic thyroxine each day would handle the situation. I soon discovered that many people, mostly women, are hypothyroid. […]

May Dargan - Bio

May Dargan recently graduated from the University of Oregon Robert D. Clark Honors College. There, she majored in documentary filmmaking and Japanese. And while filmmaking is her true passion, May has found her niche as a writer at a news station in Portland, Oregon. In her free time, May can be found […]