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Germ Warfare: Give Your Immune System a Holiday Boost

Eggnog. Fruitcake. Stuffy noses. These are all fairly reliable signals that the holidays have arrived. Cold and flu season usually peaks right around holiday time, in late December, and a bunch of winter-related factors put our immune systems at a disadvantage. Stale, dried-out air, holiday stress, and overindulgence all lower our resistance to the germs […]

Diary of a Loser: Week 4

This is part of a continuing series on one woman’s battle with weightloss. Click here to see past entries.
Victory is losing one pound during the week of Thanksgiving, despite all the food, leftovers, and desserts eaten for breakfast. Victory is planning your meals for the day and then sticking to it. Victory is allowing that […]

The Dish on Sweet Substitutes

After starting a low-carb diet last summer, 33-year-old Elizabeth Nugent cut out pastas and breads from her meals. Though she’s since added whole grains and other complex carbohydrates back into her diet, she continues to exclude refined sugar–depending instead on alternatives like Splenda to curb cravings.
From diet sodas to sugar-free desserts, Americans like Nugent are […]

Skimming the Fat: Recovering from Thanksgiving without Starving

Those of us who live in the United States are probably feeling a tad bloated right now.  Thanksgiving has a way of making even the healthiest of foods not work out so well.  Take turkey, for example.  Turkey breast is low-fat, high-protein, and low-calorie, so it sounds like a great choice, right?  Sure, until you […]

Southern Pecan Tarts

As the holidays approach and we start entertaining more I begin to look through my recipes for some great party ideas. One of my all time favorite recipes is for pecan tarts. I first tried this recipe at a “Taste of the Holidays” party sponsored by the local hospital where I worked. Part of my […]

Fit Fare’s Fit Holiday Event

Fit Fare wants to know your best tips and techniques for avoiding the holiday gain. It can be anything from how to make a holiday favorite healthier to ways to say no to pie or whatever helps you - exercise included.
Write about your tips and techniques between now and December 24 on your blog or […]

Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain. Tip #3

If you missed Tips 1 & 2, click here to check them out! 
During the holidays, many people skip breakfast and lunch, believing that will allow them to safely eat high calorie fare at parties, without gaining weight. Instead, arriving at parties hungry often leads to bingeing, which results in a much larger amount of calories […]

Avoiding the Evils of Office Parties

I like to write about healthy eating at work because I think it’s one of the top three places where people over-indulge.  Granted, this is my opinion, but I’m going with it.
I work nights at a TV station and my co-workers often being in goodies for special occasions.  And being that the holiday season is […]

Leftover Madness

The turkey’s been cooked, carved and consumed. Your family has swallowed inhumane amounts of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and scores of vegetables. Don’t forget about the salad, relish tray and pies too. It’s all been eaten but you still have mounds of leftovers to contend with. What to do?
Rather than simply eat the same meal […]

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

After nine long months, you have finally delivered the most delicate and beautiful little person that you will ever know. As you anticipate reveling in the baby’s developmental accomplishments, you will also have an important challenge of your own to tackle as the future months loom in the horizon. It is what every new mother soon comes […]