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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Tip #8

When faced with high calorie holiday fare, it’s possible to be too strict. I’ve found that there are times when it’s better for me to eat something I crave, because eating a less desirable food makes me feel deprived, which can cause overeating.
Tip #8: Indulge yourself by eating something you crave (in moderation)
It may not […]

Label Watch II: Nasty Additives

Okay, so now everyone knows, trans fats are really bad for you. New York recently banned restaurants from using trans fats in cooking, and a number of cities, both in America, and internationally, are considering following suit. This trend has not escaped the notice of food manufacturers, and many, including Frito Lay, Lipton, and KFC, […]

Crudité Platters Demystified

An attractive crudité platter is a party essential. A healthy variety of vegetables accompanied by a low fat dip or hummus can be your best friend if you are concerned about your health. There is no reason a crudité platter has be the most boring part of a party. The trick is to have a variety […]

Diary of a Loser: Week 8

Phew. The annual family Christmas party is out of the way. Christmas eve is taken care of. And the eating feast of Christmas is finished. And somehow I came through it all - all the sweets, all the decadent foods, all the eating - losing a pound or two. How cool is that?
All the holiday […]

Healthy Traditions for the New Year

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is the perfect day to start your new year off on a healthy note. Luckily, plenty of traditions exist that are not only healthy but considered lucky as well.   

In the south, black-eye peas and greens are a New Year’s favorite. Eat greens, they say, and you’ll have an abundance of cash in the […]

Grandma’s Special Cookies

I absolutely love the Christmas season!  As a child on Christmas Eve, we spent the day finishing up shopping and making last-minute trimmings on the tree.  My mom and I then frantically wrapped all the presents (with the exception of the things my dad had for my mom, which he would reserve for me to […]

Holiday parties: with a plan, you can survive.

The holidays can seem like a series of land-mines for people who strive to make healthy food choices.  So many of us associate food with positive memories:  dear Aunt Tillie’s decadent cheese ball, Cousin Ed’s Mile-High custard pie, that antique gravy boat that’s too pretty not to dip into.  Still, believe it or not, you […]

Cajun Cooking: Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo

It is a tradition in my family to serve gumbo on Christmas Eve. A gumbo is a thick richly flavored broth seasoned with meat, seafood, and vegetables which is served over rice. Everybody has their own special way to make gumbo. As a wedding present a friend gave me The Louisiana Gumbo Cookbook which presents […]

My Favorite Family Tradition

Whereas most families celebrate the holidays with a turkey or a plump slab of ham, my Italian family celebrates with anchovies.
No, I’m not kidding.
It’s a traditional italian meal known as bagna cauda (pronounced BANYA COTTA), which loosely translated means “hot bath.”  And don’t let me mislead you, it’s not all anchovies.  Basically, it’s an olive oil “bath” infused […]

Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain # 7

While the holiday season is a time of happiness, many people also find it’s a time of high stress. Family obligations and concerns about money spent on gifts often cause people to turn to food as a stress relieving device.
Tip# 7: Develop Strategies To Deal With Stress
Seek ways to relieve stress that don’t involve food. […]