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Another Reason To Enjoy Pistachios, They’re Good For Your Heart

It’s now well established that nuts and seeds are good sources of phytosterols, antioxidant chemicals found in plants that reduce blood cholesterol, and decrease the risk of cancer. Recently, research conducted by the USDA found that pistachios contain very high levels of these compounds. In fact, only wheat germ and sesame seeds have higher levels. […]

The Athlete Gourmet - It’s All About Carbs!

Runners and other endurance athletes often boast about their ability, nay their need to carboload. While many current diet fads and trends have been focusing on cutting or limiting carbohydrates, athletes have been happily eating them with abandon. But what got lost somewhere between this two extremes is the fact that not all […]

Chocolate Hits New Health Highs

It is true, we may soon be emerging from the wishful thinking phase. Though it has yet to hit my doctor’s recommended diet list, cocoa is making significant headway into the world of ‘superfoods.’ Recent reports have pegged the flavanols in chocolate as skin protecting, heart-healthy, and now brain boosting.
A study publicized this […]

Learning about Dieting from Costco?

Yup, Costco. Information comes from unexpected places sometimes. Members of the wholesale club Costco receive their monthly magazine, The Costco Connection. Besides highlighting upcoming store events and new books and items coming out, there are actually really good articles by well known people like financial expert Suze Orman and doctor/author Dr. Mehmet […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat But Were Afraid to Ask

It seems like everyone is touting some sort of diet that works for them: low carb, high protein, no carb, limited protein, no fat. It all comes down to this: what does your body really need? The answer is simple: you need all three, just in a balanced way.
You don’t want to get all of […]

Summer in February

By Ralph Villers
As readers may know, I am the so-called cook of this household. Yes, I am the person in the wheelchair who enjoys gliding around the kitchen trying different food preparations. This is not all that difficult with the kitchen modifications (lowered counters, roll-under range, sink, and work area) we have made. Moreover, like […]

Watermelon Feta Salad

In California, we’re fortunate enough to occasionally find out of season fruits during the otherwise dreary (fruit wise) winter months, and thanks to the popular Trader Joe’s and Safeway grocery store chains, selections often includes watermelon, pre-sliced and packed in a tub and ready to eat.
Most melons, but particularly watermelon, are a dieter’s friend, and […]

Cajun Cooking: Black-eyed Pea Dip

The first time I was offered black-eyed peas I initially turned my head away and refused to eat them. It was New Year’s Day at my grandma’s house near Lafayette, Louisiana, and my Aunt was urging me to try them. I was one of those kids that only ate rice, pasta or bread […]

The Bridal Diet Continues…

I’m feeling much better this week!
In my last post, I talked about how hard it is for me to maintain my diet while dealing with work and wedding stress. Surprisingly, adding house hunting to my list of things to do has made it easier for me to pay attention to what I put in […]

Eating Locally

I first encountered the term “locavore” in the in-flight magazine on my way home from vacation last week. No, it’s not a homebound dinosaur. A locavore is someone who chooses only to eat foods that are grown within a certain distance from their home – many people use 100 miles as a starting point. Like […]