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A New Home, a New Outlook on Fitness

I’m less than five months from my wedding and things are starting to get slightly more stressful than I anticipated. My fiancee and I just bought a house and are in the process of moving in, which hasn’t made things any easier.
The more I’ve put on my plate, the more I’ve thought about how important […]

Great Desserts: Yogurt Fruit Salad

After a delicious meal, it is easy to overindulge on dessert.  One way to be sure that you are not eating too much is to limit your portion sizes.  Let’s be honest though, portioning a dessert can sometimes be very difficult.  I offer a wonderful alternative.  Simply replace your high fat dessert with a healthy one! 
My favorite healthy dessert is […]

Spring Is The Time for Asparagus

One of my favorite times of the year is spring. I believe a lot of my feelings about this time of the year are connected to childhood memories of gathering wild spring greens and asparagus with my mother. When winter was waning, I would begin to ask my mother when we would stalk wild asparagus. […]

The Athlete Gourmet - The Importance of Recovery

While a lot of attention is drawn to eating properly before an athletic event, many do not really think about the importance of eating properly once the event is through. Some feel ill right after an intense workout and aren’t ready to eat yet, others feel the need to reward themselves for being so […]

Three Easy, Low-Fat, Power Breakfasts

We hear it time and time again: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” What does that mean, really? Some argue that the mere eating of breakfast, regardless of the contents, is the key. It seems that breakfast kick starts our metabolism, and some rationalize that since we have a […]

Book Review: Japanese Light

Based on the title, one might think Japanese Light by Kimiko Barber is a cookbook filled with diet recipes that happen to be for Japanese food. But this book is not filled with diet or lightened recipes. Nor is there any nutritional information provided, such as fat grams or calories. Japanese Light has 120 healthy […]

All About Kohlrabi

This interesting looking vegetable is kohlrabi. Though it is popular in some European countries, it is not often seen on American tables, which is a shame. Kohlrabi is very high in nutrients and yet low in calories. It is considered a new vegetable, like Brussels sprouts, because it did not appear anywhere until about 400 […]

Vegetarian Chili

By Ralph Villers
This month’s recipe idea really has its roots in my childhood. However, this dish takes the basics and adds my numerous adaptations since I first prepared it in 1979.

This recipe is for vegetarian chili. In order to get the feel of this dish, you have to go back to my Mom and the […]

Take-Out for Your Health, Part 1

When it comes to take-out, it ain’t easy being healthy. Whether it’s pepperoni pizza or General Tso’s Chicken, one quick dial of the phone and your diet is out the window. The folks at Self magazine recently ran a piece on how to order take-out, but still keep it light in terms of […]

Cajun Cooking: Cajun Jambalaya

There are probably more than 100 ways to make jambalaya. The two main distinctions are creole and cajun. Any kind of meat or seafood can be used, if at all. My sister just told me about a vegetarian jambalaya she made this week with tofu and veggie sausage.
A cajun jambalaya is […]