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Cajun Cooking: Southern Biscuits

Whenever I think of biscuits I think of Frank’s Smokehouse Restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. These biscuits are NOT healthy, but you need a fix every once in a while.
To tide me over in the intervening months I have a favorite biscuit recipe that I make for my family. I have yet […]

Finally in the Fitness Groove

It’s been about a month since this bride has blogged about her quest for wedding day perfection… and boy is she glad she’s been away for a while. Why? Because it gave me time to really focus on my routine and maintain it. I started taking weight lifting classes at my gym, running every other […]

Tips on getting Full Night’s Sleep

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough hours in a day? Have you ever found yourself staying up well past your bedtime trying to catch up on phone calls, work, recreation or anything else?
To get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night is a miracle for many people.   In fact, more often than […]

Time To Clean Up Health Food Labeling.

You know me. I’m that woman who blocks the aisle at the grocery store with my cart, totally oblivious as you maneuver around me. I’ll have a box of cereal or loaf of bread in my hands, staring at the packaging, frown lines etched into my forehead. Yes, I’m a label reader. And I’m sometimes […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Sweet Rewards

Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, occasional decadent treats are crucial to losing and maintaining one’s weight. The key word there is “occasional.” If you spend your life depriving yourself of treats - no sugars or fats, no chocolate or ice cream - you are more likely to overindulge once you can’t stave off the […]

Total Nutrition or Meat Lover’s Special?

To preface this review, I love the topic of nutrition. Something fascinates me to no end about the unimaginable influence food has on our bodies. As our primary source of fuel, it can set our day for vibrancy, or sap that last bit of energy. And…let’s face it…I just plain love to […]

Cancer-Fighting Colorful Foods

Tired of looking at your woolly sweaters and heavy boots? If you are like most Americans, then this is the time of year you finally pack up your winter browns and grays and pull out your brightly colored tank tops and sandals. This is also a great time to change your diet (especially since two […]

Beware: Bikini Season is Near

Just in time for bikini season, superstar trainer Jillian Michaels from NBC’s The Biggest Loser has released her newest book, Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You. In it, she lets us in on her secrets to helping her star clients slim down (former clients include Amanda Peet […]

Broiled Scallops - Easy Yet Elegant

By Ralph Villers
My wife Patti and I both enjoy seafood, and prepare it about once a week. We probably should make it even more often, seeing that it is nutritious and usually fairly quick to prepare.
The fun part is we do this cooking routine together. I get the idea, she does the marketing, I slice […]

Kashi for Lunch and Dinner?

Did you know that the folks at Kashi now have an all-natural frozen entree line?  Good.  I didn’t either.  Branching out past their popular and well-known cereal, they created the line with busy families in mind.  They currently have six different options, and they are low in calories (240 to 380) and pretty high in […]