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Eat Fish

Yes, it really is that simple. The American Heart Association says to eat at least two seafood meals a week for heart health, and if they don’t know what they’re talking about, who does? Seafood is low in saturated fat and a terrific source of healthy omega-3 fats, so it’s not like you need a […]

Interview with Chef Scott Uehlein

By Madeline Miller and Cate O’Malley
Scott Uehlein, the corporate chef at the exclusive Canyon Ranch Spa, has joined forces with the Florida Department of Citrus to promote low-fat/low-cal cooking using healthy ethnic recipes and incorporating more citrus in the kitchen, all still allowing for high flavor impact.
Chef Uehlein believes that by eating healthy, you don’t have to forgo flavor.  “To enhance the […]

Cajun Cooking: Sweet Potato Muffins

Since I like sweet potatoes so much, I wanted to share another recipe. As noted in a previous post on sweet potato fries, the sweet potato dishes I grew up with in the South, laden with fat and sugar, were far from fit fare. While scanning through one of my cookbooks, Enola Prudhomme’s […]

Kracking the Code to Whole Grains

The words “whole grains” may have meant very little to Americans only two or three years ago, but now that buzz-worthy term is on the tips of all mindful mothers and health conscious consumers’ tongues. Only recently has it gained such attention, and in the first few whispers of this new problem, a panic seemed […]

Dealing with Manipulative People

Last month, I wrote about Dealing with Toxic People. Since then, I have had a request to tackle an equally important type of person that affects the lives of everyone: manipulators.
Who are they?
Manipulators are not necessarily as easy to point out in your life as toxic people. The reason being is that not all manipulators […]

Miracle Fruit

Miracle Fruit, or as it is some times known as, miraculous berry, does something that is truly a miracle. Native to Africa, this berry does what is nearly unthinkable. While the berry itself is not sweet, it contains a special molecule called miraculin that, when eaten, binds to your tastebuds and makes any food eaten […]

Getting a Jump On Your Diet

Diet.  I know.  That pesky four letter word that we dare to utter, but hey, whatever you call it … diet, lifestyle change, program, it is what it is, right?  A recent piece in Parade magazine had some great tips on eating right that got my attention.  I tend to eat a bagel in the morning […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Building A Better Baked Good

As I mentioned in the last installment of The Athlete Gourmet, you shouldn’t deny yourself the occasional sweet treat. However, if made properly, cookies and muffins may not even have to fall into the reward category. They could be the perfect pre-run energy or mid-morning snack. The key is using the right kinds of ingredients […]

Milk Weight Loss Claims Shut Down

In a recent letter made public, the Federal Trade Commission asserted that U.S. dairy producers must discontinue all advertising and marketing activities that involve weight loss claims.  As reported by Reuters, the milk-related weight loss connection is not supported by enough scientific evidence.  More conclusive research must be completed before such dairy campaigns may resume.
The […]

20 Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Last month, I explained how eating fruits and vegetables from 5 different color groups can help protect you against cancer. Convincing you that fruits and vegetables are good for you was the easy part. The hard part is helping you incorporate the recommended daily allowance of 5-9 servings.

Here are 20 ways to include more brightly […]