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2007 Food Blog Awards

The nomination period for the annual Food Blog Awards has kicked off, and you can go to our main site to cast your nominations. Continue on below for today’s daily content on Fit Fare.

Gingerbread Men for Cancer?

Stranger leaps have been made, that’s for certain, but the December 2007 issue of Shape magazine cited two recent studies that indicate that the compounds in ground ginger help women in their battle against two different types of cancer. In the article, Woo Kyung Kim, Ph.D., a professor from Eulji University in South Korea […]

Joy of Uncooking - Fruitcake

In the spirit of the holiday season, let’s learn fun facts about Fruitcakes.

In ancient Egypt, fruit cake was considered an essential food for the afterlife, demonstrating both wealth and respect.
In the 1700s, Europeans baked a ceremonial fruitcake at the end of the nut harvest. It was saved and eaten the following year, in hopes of […]

Eating Well for Diabetes

My husband and I are most definitely “foodies”. We enjoy finding the best meat, the freshest vegetables, and the tastiest wine available while avoiding processed foods as much as possible – a combination of philosophies found in books such as Fast Food Nation, Fat Land, and The Omnivore’s Dilemma.
But we both have diabetes. As you […]

Kid-Approved - Homemade Chicken Nuggets

(This post has also been featured on Kids Cuisine.)
These days, with a fast food joint located down practically every street, it’s hard to convince kids sometimes that life exists beyond McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Not only that, but that homemade chicken nuggets were, gasp!, actually better! How could they be better when they don’t come as […]

Deliciously Hearty Stuffed Bell Peppers

The other night I prepared some stuffed green peppers for dinner.  The two lone peppers looked so compact in the baking dish that I was certain we would both walk away hungry.  To my pleasant surprise, each pepper revealed a fantastic full meal, enough to satisfy even after a good bout of exercise. 
My bell pepper […]

Learning to Like Vegetables - Brussels Sprouts

If my mother reads this post, she is going to immediately assume that I have either gone insane or have been abducted by aliens. I am sitting here, alone in the house, devouring a huge bowl of Brussels sprouts! I’m almost glad that my fiance isn’t home because I don’t have to share these little […]

Happy Thanksgiving From Fit Fare

If you are in the United States, today is Thanksgiving Day. From the staff at Fit Fare to you and yours, have a happy, healthy and fit Thanksgiving! And to help you do just that, here are five tips to have a healthier today (though we do believe it’s okay to splurge on holidays like […]

Potato and Leek Soup

By Ralph and Patti Villers
We enjoy homemade soups when the weather starts to begin its autumnal cool down. It has been several years since we made a leek soup, but have always enjoyed the results.
To keep the calories down, we worked with lower fat items, such as canned chicken broth with reduced fat and sodium, 2% […]

After 27 Years, It’s All Over Between Coffee and Me

That’s right: after 27 years, I’ve given up coffee.
We met back in 1980, when I was just about to go to university. I decided I would learn to like coffee, and that I would learn to like it black – on the grounds that students never have milk that hasn’t gone off. And I dare […]