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Decadent Double-Chocolate Bundt Cake That Won’t Break the Bank

Sometimes you just want chocolate cake. Chocolate chocolate cake. Dense, dark, fudgy, rich, decadent chocolate cake. Are you with me? The March issue of Cooking Light magazine has a recipe for Decadent Double Chocolate Bundt Cake that just called to me. “Called” is perhaps too mild a term. It was […]

How to Find the Nutritional Value of Almost Anything

If you’re interested in healthy eating - which obviously you are, since you’re here - you might find this site useful …
Nutrition Data has a number of clever tools for you to use to fine-tune your diet for your own health needs, whatever they are - heart care, newly diagnosed diabetic, dieting, trying to gain […]

Guidelines for Breastfeeding Success

The verdict is in, my friends. The consensus among medical professionals is that breastfeeding is not only essential for newborn babies for the first six months of life, but also a great tool for the mother in getting back to her pre-baby body. In fact, according to latest research, breastfeeding can also […]

Eating on the Job

Looming deadlines. Demanding superiors. Hunger prevails.
Whether it is meal time or not, when stress hits at the office, it can lead to damaging behavior for one’s body. Tempting as it may be, vending machine fare is generally not healthy with high sugar and fat content. Running out to grab some fast food for a convenient […]

Breaking a Feast

Editor’s Note: Drinking too much water can be fatal. Too much water can lead to brain swelling, cessation of breathing and ultimately death. Always consult a physician before embarking on any sort of diet, including juice feasting.
“Even a fool can fast, but only a wise man knows how to break the fast properly and to […]

Queen Latifah Jumps on Jenny Craig Train

Singer/rapper/actress/Cover Girl model Queen Latifah has always struck me as someone who has been very comfortable with her body, and more power to her for that. So even though she recently signed on as the newest celebrity face behind Jenny Craig, following in the footsteps of Valerie Bertinelli and Kirstie Alley, it’s no surprise […]

Bring on the Bananas!

A few months ago, I was reunited with an old fruit friend: bananas. I had given them up after eating one last summer and wanting to pass out afterwards. Although I knew they were full of good energy, they made me want to take a nap. So I decided that bananas weren’t for me, and […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Pizza Party

The night before a race, it’s nice to get together with your friends, other participants as well as family, significant others and other cheerleaders. While many races offer a pre-race pasta party or something along those lines, I’m usually completely afraid of those, with visions of starving athletes and troughs of Chef Boyardee-esque spaghetti. As […]

Berry, Berry Crunchy

As I awoke, groggy … with blurry eyes, the only part of my body that seemed to be wide-awake was my stomach, grumbling away. I entered the kitchen and even through my narrow squint, it was impossible to miss the bright and cheerful box of the new FlaxPlus Red Berry Crunch cereal from Nature’s […]

A Taste of Kashi Thin Crust Pizza

I was so excited when the box of Kashi pizzas arrived on my doorstep that I nearly gave myself frostbite getting them out of the dry-ice packed box. It seems that putting only one potholder on, instead of two, was a poor decision. But was the initial excitement worthy of the product?
I certainly think so. […]