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Stop Eating Unwashed Fruit

Tempted to grab an apple or pear at a farm’s roadside stand and sink your teeth into it? DON’T! In a recent issue of Real Simple magazine, they assessed the risk factor of various actions, eating unwashed fruit being one of them, and it received their highest risk factor rating. As they […]

Small Changes Can Really Add Up

It seems like there is a new weight loss gimmick every week. Websites and television are filled with ads for a new patch, pill, drink, or cream. While everyone has slightly different needs, the basic weight loss formula is as simple as “eat less, move more”. But if you’re like me, with 0.23948 spare seconds […]

Cancer Fighting Foods

Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis is certainly a terrific foundation to any diet, but it gets bumped up a notch when you’re consciously choosing foods that may decrease your risk of developing ovarian cancer, which happens to be the fifth-leading cancer killer among women.
Amping up your intake of low-fat, high-fiber foods, like […]

Eat Right for Your Type

Would you like to find out more about your genetic profile - why you gain or lose weight, what diseases you are susceptible to, and how you react to stress - and which diet and lifestyle plan is right for you?
Well, who wouldn’t? And if you could make changes to your lifestyle now, to keep […]

Tips for Shaking the Salt Habit

The American Medical Association (AMA) wants to you eat less salt. In fact, they ranked it #5 out of 10 health-centered resolutions for 2008.
The AMA suggests limiting salt intake to one teaspoon per day (2,300 mg) or half a teaspoon (1,150 mg) if over the age of 50. It is estimated that most Americans consume […]

Expo West Sets the Stage for this Year’s Natural Food Trends

Bigger and reportedly better than ever, Expo West 2008 was bursting at the seems this year with over 52,000 visitors (an increase of 11% over the prior year) vying for a look at the latest natural food, health, and personal care offerings from roughly 3400 exhibitors. Yes, reportedly … I couldn’t make it this year. […]

Know Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

Are you at risk for type 2 diabetes? On Tuesday, March 25, the American Diabetes Association is conducting its twentieth annual Diabetes Alert Day. Take a few minutes to take the risk assessment available at their website, with just a few quick questions to answer.
Common risk factors for type 2 diabetes include family […]

Spring Daydreams

Forget New Year’s, spring is the time when I like to make my resolutions. Something about the warmer air and the budding flowers inspires me to try new things and make new promises to myself.Of course, it’s easy to daydream about what I want to change and accomplish. The difficult part is making it happen.
That’s […]

Eat Like a Gladiator

It’s hard to believe that it was way back in 1989 when the American Gladiators show first hit television screens, but it was. Given their massive physique, the gladiators need some pretty powerful diets to keep up with the demands of the competition, and they eat as much protein in one day as we […]

Energy Bites Outweigh Bars in Flavor

Several months ago I had the opportunity to sample a selection of snacks called Chunks of Energy™. Basically an energy bar broken down into an easily pop-able form, I was more than pleasantly surprised with their unique ingredients and taste. Needless to say, I was excited when a little gift package from Dancing […]