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Sneaking in Some Beans

Beans and I have been friends for years. The likable legumes are firm yet yield readily to the teeth, releasing a creamy mess of comforting flavor. They can be spiced up, sweetened up, or tarted up however you like. They easily take a meal from skimpy to satisfying.
But when I learned about all the health […]

Learning to Like Vegetables - Beets

Yes, you read that right. I said beets. This is something I never thought I’d say. I kind of like beets. As recently as last year I hated them. Then I had a nice talk with a local chef. She actually told me that she thought that there might even be a gene that controls […]

Gas, Charcoal or Wood: Which Has The Best Flavor?

During the summer, my husband and I love to cook outside on our grill. And with a kettle brassiere recently added to the mix, we’re ready to try more variety in our outdoor cooking. But even when experimenting, taste is super important. It might be fun to play with liquid smoke, for instance, but if […]

Farewell to a Fit Fare Friend

I used to get emails every other week with beautiful photos and a simple request from a Fit Fare writer: Could you upload these for me? Normally, I would have insisted they learn to use the new and unfamiliar blogging interface that Well Fed had begun using. But this writer was different. She had a […]

Proper Cooking of Meats on the Grill

Back a bit, I was able to ask Joan Hansen, test kitchen director for Hormel, a few questions about grilling meats and cooking pork. Her answers were so great that I struggled with how to present them. Rather than spin them into one article, Fit Fare will be featuring the answers all week this week.
How […]

Transparency in Nutrition Labeling

A number of cities across the country (including my hometown of Seattle) have implemented (or are in the process of implementing) new rules governing the display of nutritional information at chain restaurants. MSNBC reports on how New York City is implementing these requirements. They report that some consumers are shocked at the number of calories […]

Eating Well: Shrimp Cobb Salad

I’m always looking for fast lunches that are also healthy and tasty.  The October 2007 issue of Eating Well magazine caught my eye with a feature promoted on the cover as “Easy Lunches to Go.”  These recipes make one serving each, are all under 350 calories (some far under), and are completely portable.
I immediately […]

The Flat Belly Diet

I’ve been journeying toward health with the help of the Mediterranean style of nutrition for about 16 months now. I’ve lost a lot of weight but still have a lot to lose. I’ve been convinced time and time again by studies and reviews that the Mediterranean style of eating is by far the […]

Giving Avocados a Good Rap

Avocados get a bad rap. That’s because most people associate them with big fattening bowls of guacamole and salty chips. However, eaten the right way, avocados are good for you.
Here are the facts about avocados and fat:
Avocados are high in monosaturated fat or “good” fat, which can lower your “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, ultimately reducing your […]

The Healthiest Foods You’re Not Eating

We all know that healthy eating is important. So we eat our vegetables, try not to indulge too often in high fat foods, enjoy alcohol in moderation only, and try to get enough fiber in our diets. Those are only a few of the multitude of suggestions we’re supposed to keep in mind on a […]