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Five Healthy Things You Should Do This Weekend

It’s a long weekend for many of us here in the United States. And Labor Day often means parades, barbecues and some close of summer merriment.
But before you slather the mustard on that wiener, here are five healthy things you should do this weekend.

Drink your eight glasses of water everyday — Beer, soda, lemonade and […]

The Road to a Half Marathon

My name is Patricia and I’m a runner.
I remember the day I first typed that in a message to a friend of mine. I’d just gotten up early and gone for a run and I was sitting at my desk at work and realized I STILL had the runner’s high, over 2 hours later. Yes, […]

What’s for Lunch? Cooking Light’s Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp

I’ve been given a strict order to take my lunches to work this week.  Seems my “lunch budget” has gotten somewhat out of control.  And I know it’s better for me to bring something from home; everything available to me around the office is either fast food, or the kind of restaurant where it’s hard […]

Close. Your. Mouth. When. You. Chew.

K, this isn’t necessarily fit, but it is somewhat related to enjoying food, moderation, and good manners.
I am sitting in a coffee shop as I type this and to my right is a set of grandparents and their granddaughter. Now, this granddaughter is one of those play-as-I-walk video gamers (about age 10 or 12). That’s […]

Changing My Diet for the Better

My husband and I are seeing our families for the first time in about a year right now, and one comment we get right after each greeting goes something like, “Wow, you’ve really lost a lot of weight!”
The two of us devoted the last year to making serious changes in our eating habits in order […]

Inside My CSA - Week 1

It’s still summer here. We’re spending as much time as we can enjoying everything that the outdoors can offer. Soon, the season will turn to fall, then winter. It will be harder to withstand the temperatures for a little outdoor play, but we will try anyway.
When we get deep into summer like this, simple food […]

Eating on a Jet Plane

As I type this, I’m cruising thousands of feet over continental Europe, finally on my way home after a long stay abroad. Or at least almost home — we’re plunging straight from Europe into a series of whirlwind family visits that will take my husband and me through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Washington in […]

Blueberries: The World’s Healthiest Fruit

Blueberries are the healthiest fruit you can eat. That’s because they have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruits and vegetables.
What makes blueberries so healthful? Their blue color is derived from anthocyanins, antioxidant phytonutrients that mop up potentially damaging free radicals in your body. Studies have shown that a diet high in blueberries may help […]

Dry Mouth - What to Eat and Drink.

Recently, my dentist discovered that my diabetes medication may be contributing to dry mouth.  While I’ve been a mouth breather at night for as long as I can remember, the drastic change in my dental health may very well be attributed the medication I began taking about a year ago.
Besides treatments for diabetes, there are […]

Low Carb Living Gets a Boost.

Photo courtesy Kerri Morrone Sparling
Low-carbohydrate diets may not just be the fad of the moment, if a recent study has any impact on individuals, their physicians, and their dietitians. The study, published in the July 17 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, compared three diets - a low-fat diet, a low-carb […]