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Yoplait: Yogurt That Eats Like Cake

Even though it seemed like an eternity to get to me, the three flavors arrived on my doorstep via a very curious delivery person.  Needless to say, I told her is was just yogurt and the James Bond like look quickly faded from her eyes.
I opened the package and put them in cold storage until […]

Small Changes for Better Health

Country star Amy Grant has teamed up with the folks at Country Crock and Second Harvest to help Americans have a healthier lifestyle by integrating small changes into their regular, daily routines.
A few of their simple suggestions include:
Take it in stride: Walking is a simple way to burn calories and stay fit. It’s also an […]

Give Yoga a Try

When I’m stressed, feeling sore, or just realizing I need to start exercising again, I turn to yoga. It’s a great stress reducer, and when you finish with a session you feel like you had a massage. Ok, maybe that’s after you’ve been doing it for a month or so. But even after the first […]

Getting Back on Track

I have veered off track and gained back a few pounds I lost. I’m disappointed, but also hopeful that I can get my program going again. It’s important to be gentle with ourselves when we are trying to make big life changes.
One of the things that always gets me back on track is to list […]

Good Advice on Post-Baby Abs

Boys, you might want to tune out today. Just sayin’.
Unless you are one of the few lucky moms out there, chances are that having a baby has left your abdomen in … disarray. Someone once called flabby ab-ies like this baby dunlop (because it dun lop over ya belt). Crass, but true.
Well, an expert recently […]

Wii Fit Diary: Fun and Productive

The first week that I was using Wii Fit, I focused a lot on the balance exercises. I love the skiing in particular. I wasn’t sure I was seeing much improvement as a result of the games though … until I managed to beat all my scores by large amounts. And then the body tests […]

Super Easy Low-Fat Oven Fries

Not the best picture, I’ll admit. But this is one of those “gotta try it” recipes. I love French fries (but I don’t love the damage they do to my weight) and always have. McDonald’s fries were my first, but I have had some awesome ones since them. In fact, I still salivate over delicious […]

Wii Fit Diary: In the Uh-Oh Zone

According to my Wii Fit, I am 43 years old. 43!
In real life, I am a decade and a half younger. If that’s not a wake-up call, I don’t know what is.
I am one of those people who struggles with weight. I’ve been plateaued at this uncomfortable weight for too many months. Earlier in the […]

Healthier Ways Come to Starbucks?

It’s fall, and as always Starbucks has a few new treats. Sometimes it’s hard to get up and actually make breakfast, even if it is a smoothie. Can Starbucks new offerings help us pick up the slack in our mornings?
Before the fall menu, they added the Vivanno smoothies. There are two flavors, both made with […]

Tomato, Tomate

Summer may be drawing to a close, but it’s not too late to grab a little bit of sun-ripened deliciousness off the vine.

My grandma’s garden overflowed with plum tomatoes in varying stages of ripeness when I left for the west coast near the end of August. My mom had so many globes and cherries that […]