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On the BodyBugg: Update 2

Experts say that in the first few weeks of any diet, you will lose water weight, which will seem significant but can set you up for disappointment. After about two and a half weeks on the BodyBugg, I have lost some water weight, but I am not complaining. I was just shocked to see my […]

Wii Fit Diary: Not Quite Real Exercise

While I do so love my Wii Fit, I do have to admit, the exercise I am getting on it isn’t quite as intense as exercise you’d get using real workout equipment. Yes, it gets me moving and raises my heart rate, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to 10 minutes on the elliptical.
Does […]

Diet Data on the Go

You’re on a diet plan and counting calories.  You’ve been doing great but now you’re at a local chain restaurant and want to order off the menu… but you don’t know how many calories your favorite entree has. to the rescue.  They now have a free text messaging service to give you exactly the […]

Meet the BodyBugg

If you’ve been watching The Biggest Loser this season, then you’ve probably seen the unusual device on the Losers arms. The device, called a BodyBugg, tracks calories burned, steps and more throughout the day. Users then login to a website and input what they ate for the day. Then, they sync their armband with the […]

Drink Your Antioxidants

Antioxidants are important to good health. They ward off diseases and conditions including cancer. And one great way to boost your antioxidant intake is to drink them.
Here are four drinks that will help you with that:

Green tea - Be sure to have it with honey for even more antioxidant goodness.
Tomato juice - Tomatoes are high […]

Creating Comfort Without Food

A couple weeks ago, I was watching the Food Network when Ellie Krieger started rattling off a list that caught my attention. I snatched my pocket notebook off the coffee table and started scrawling quickly in a throwback to my journalism days.
Then I remembered I have a TiVo, and I backed up the program to […]

Are You Eating Enough Vegetables?

When it comes to covering all the recommended daily food groups and intake amounts, it can honestly be a challenge.  The US Department of Agriculture suggests nine 1/2-cup servings of fruit and vegetable servings a day.  That can be tough, but help is on the way.  The folks at have put together a list […]

Slow Cooking for Your Health

Fall is the perfect time to start cooking again. The kitchen isn’t as stuffy and you won’t break out in a sweat just thinking about turning on the stove. Plus you can easily cook with no oil and less salt in a slow cooker.
Tip: It’s also a great way to cook dried beans. Just store […]

Healthy Highlights from October’s “Good Housekeeping”

Fruits and vegetables can be fun for kids, and changing the menu at school and in the community can make significant difference in children’s health.
This month’s issue of Good Housekeeping featured an article about the successful Somerville, Mass., program to reduce childhood obesity. “Shape Up Somerville” is a far-reaching initiative that not only replaced junk […]

The Road to a Half Marathon… pt 2

When I last wrote, I was about to run my very first half marathon (unofficially). Since then, my running has been very limited because unfortunately, I ended up getting injured.
So, in our second part of the series, we’ll talk a little about one particular common injury and how to treat it.
Shin splints are caused by […]