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Holiday Break

Thank you so much for making our site a part of your regular routine.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.  We will be taking a short break to celebrate the holidays with our family and friends, and will resume regular postings on Monday, January 5th (the official kick-off of the annual Food Blog Awards!).
Happy holidays!

Perfectly Poached Eggs to Combat Holiday Munchies

In the past, unless it was worked into a baked good, I avoided eggs like the plague. I despised their taste and texture … yet, in just the last few years, they have begun to grow on me a bit.  I still have my limitations.  In an omelet packed with veggies or poached is just about […]

Last Minute Gifts for the Health Fiend

We’re almost there. Christmas is just days away. Do you have your shopping done yet? If not, here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the health fiend in your life.

A digital scale - Part of being healthy is controlling your portion sizes. With a digital scale, you can ensure […]

2008 Food Blog Awards Kickoff!

At long last, it’s that time of year again, time to recognize your favorite food and drink blogs with the annual Food Blog Awards.  This year, in the interest of the upcoming holidays, we’ve moved our schedule up a bit, so it will not get underway until after the holidays.On Monday, January 5th, we will put […]

Weight-Loss Wish List: Scale the Food Pyramid

The holidays may be right around the corner, but there’s still a number of shopping days left. If you’re looking to expand your wish list (but not your waistline) during this festive season, consider asking for the item that will become your best weight-loss friend: a scale.
No, no, don’t leave!
Not that kind of scale. This […]

On The BodyBugg: Update 7

Have you been following my adventure with the BodyBugg (Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, Update 4, Update 5, Update 6)? So far, I have dropped a few pounds and learned a lot about my habits.
In college, I started having bouts where I would feel exhausted, mentally unfocused (and unable to focus) and just generally […]

My Top 10 List of Dairy-Free (or Vegan) Books for Holiday Giving

I review a lot of books and cookbooks, and would venture to label myself as a self-proclaimed “expert” in the field.  That said, there are many different types of books out there for the special diet foodie … some are practical, some are simply fun, and then there is that special category of gift-worthy.
To be gift-worthy, a […]

Clean More, Burn More

Anyone who knows me knows that this is pretty odd coming from me. While I love having a clean house, I hate the actual cleaning part of it. There are just 10,000 other things I would rather be doing or feel like I should be doing instead.
However, one thing I have learned from using the […]

The Road to a Half Marathon… the Finish Line!

Wow. Just wow. I’m curled up on my couch because my legs aren’t working quite right. But yesterday, my husband and I ran our very first half marathon.
That’s my medal at the top right. Yep. My very own finisher medal! So, how did I do? How do I feel now? How did I feel then? […]

On The BodyBugg: Update 6

Have you been following my adventure with the BodyBugg (Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, Update 4, Update 5)? So far, I have dropped a few pounds and learned a lot about my habits.
Thanksgiving week went surprisingly well. I dropped about one pound, despite allowing myself to indulge in some of my favorite dishes. My […]