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Six Powerful Foods You Should Be Eating

It’s hard to navigate the windy, twisty road of shoulds and shouldn’ts when it comes to eating. Doctors and nutritionists seem to change their minds about foods every 10 years or so, leaving people dangling and clinging to memories of eggs being bad, bad, bad and margarine being a life saver (ha!).
I was looking through […]

Find a Healthy Restaurant Fast

When you are on the go, it can be hard to find the healthiest option at the healthiest places around town - whatever town you are in. But there is a new online service (also available on the mobile web) that is helping to change that.
Good Food Near You is a free location-based search engine […]

Whole Grain Hummus Bread

I received a bread machine as a wedding gift, and it certainly hasn’t gathered dust since we returned from our year in Europe. While I mainly use it for mixing up rolls and pizza dough, I have tried my hand at a few bread recipes, in the quest for healthy, whole-grain loaves that don’t eat […]

Visualize Your Ideal Shape

Last night, I was chatting with my BodyBugg coach about how great it would be to be able to spot tone my trouble spots. But she made a great point: if we could all do that, wouldn’t we? And wouldn’t people who chewed a lot (gum or otherwise) have insanely thin faces?
The fact is that […]

How to Stay Healthy When Others Aren’t

I consider myself a healthy person. I (mostly) eat right, I try to get a solid 7 hours of sleep a night, I take my vitamins, and I stay home and away from the rest of the world when I’m sick. However, even though I do just about everything I can to stay healthy, I […]

Understanding My Body Thanks to BodyBugg

You would think after 20-some-odd years, I would know my body, how it functions, what it needs … But I have to admit, I think I have fallen out of touch with it in recent years. Pushed to the limit with stress, exhaustion and demands, I replaced positive patterns of eating for my size with […]

Give Flowers This Valentine’s Day!

Image by Sarah :: Sarah’s Cucina Bella via Flickr
Flowers for Valentine’s Day aren’t just a sweet gesture. In fact, they actually can have health benefits. An article in the Alliance for Aging’s Winter 2008 Newsletter pointed to a 2001 study at Rutgers University that found that flowers can lessen depression and improve memories.
And another study […]

Weigh That Food!

Image via Wikipedia
If you are trying to shed pounds, it’s common to count calories or otherwise track what you eat. But did you know that portion sizes on the package often aren’t accurate by item counts? For instance, I recently was serving up a portion of shrimp and the package said that there were about […]

Sleep Better with Chinese Medicine.

Forget sleeping pills, special pillows and mattresses, drinks and sleep masks. Traditional Chinese medicine has special exercises that will help you drift to sleep without any further interventions.The exercises are intended to help you relieve tension, relax, achieve balance in your body and unwind for bedtime.
Body + Soul magazine has great photo instructions on all […]

Heart-Friendly Treats for Valentine’s Day

No doubt visions of truffles and lava cakes are dancing in your resolution-wavering head this week with Valentine’s Day approaching! Lucky for you, you can enjoy sweet, delicious treats this weekend without busting out of that sexy little dress a bit too soon in the evening.
Strawberries and Raspberries
Berries are packed with antioxidants, not calories. Enjoy […]