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Stress-Relief Foods.

Stress. Just the word makes me tense up. It’s an unmistakable feeling of tightening muscles, gritting teeth and an out-of-control life. You struggle to get a control on the stress, only to find yourself buried deeper and deeper under the weight of it all.
Now that we’ve established that, lets talk about stress relief. Deep breathing […]

BodyBugg Update: Just Keep Losing

This was a harder week in my BodyBugg journey. With two sick kids, and feeling a little under the weather myself, I ate more than I should have and also walked and exercised less.My steps dipped for the first time in weeks and I had a hard time meeting my calorie goals (it certainly didn’t […]

Catch Up on Your Reading This Weekend

Self Magazine was kind enough to send over blurbs about their upcoming stories in the April issue. Well, rather than mutilate them, I wanted to just pass them along for you to enjoy.
Here goes:
Tackle Diet Roadblocks With the 2009 SELF Challenge Tips
If you’re finding it hard to stick to your New Year’s resolutions to get […]

Eat Smarter for Your Waist

Uh-oh. All the stress of the down economy and trying to make ends meet could be making you fat. Seriously. Talk about an unfair side-effect.
Self Magazine looked at the economy-induced weight gain of several women. One woman gained 15 pounds and a size when her company downsized, leaving her with more work and more stress. […]

New Calculator Assesses Risk of Adult-Onset Diabetes

Are you at risk for diabetes?
Scientists in Great Britain have developed an online calculator to help you dicipher the clues and discover how your current life could put you at risk of developing adult-onset diabetes.
Read about it in the New York Times. And then use it.

Snack Smartly

Are you a snacker? Do you hunt through cabinets in search of that perfect salty crunch fix or scour the kitchen for the right bite of smooth and creamy chocolate? If so, your snacking could prevent you from losing the weight you want or maintaining a healthy weight.
What can you do?

Snack consciously - Don’t mindlessly […]

Healthy Eating Starts with Whole Food

A week or so ago, I wrote a bit of a rant here about people who hear healthy and think organic. Organic just doesn’t equal healthy - and healthy food can be nonorganic too. Someone chimed in with a comment about not forgetting that organic is better for the Earth too … that so wasn’t […]

Plan Ahead to Eat Smart

With a recession rearing its ugly head in our grocery carts, it’s time for meal planning to make the leap from the frugal and the hyper-organized to the general population. Menu planning can save you money on food while also providing the health-promoting benefits of a nutritious diet and reduced stress, all without killing your […]

BodyBugg: Watching the Scale Go Down, Down, Down

I admit that for first three months I used the BodyBugg, I didn’t make it work for me. I checked out what different practices would do to it (exercise, not exercise, etc). But I didn’t really take enough advantage of its benefits. However, since the New Year, I have been working my butt off to […]

Sweet Discovery for Type-2 Diabetes Sufferer

When you’re watching your carbohydrate intake like I am, it is easy to dismiss fruit as part of a healthy diet. I thought all fruit was off-limits to people with type 2 diabetes who wanted to live the low-carb lifestyle. For a long time, I ignored a dietitian’s advice to include fruit in […]