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Great Mother’s Day Gift Picks, Volume 1

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, everyone is racking their brains for the best and most exciting gifts for their moms. Well, for the mom who’s fit, trying to get fit or in the middle of a great get-fit project, then chocolates just aren’t going to cut it this year.
So what is a good […]

Spring into Spring Vegetables

The best thing about springtime and summer? Fresh vegetables invade the farmer’s markets, supermarkets and wherever else you buy produce — and they get mighty cheap too. It’s something important that everyone should know: when it comes to produce, whatever is on sale is likely the freshest and in season …
Self Magazine has a feature […]

Just a Bite? Not So Fast

Moderation. We beat it into our heads, tell our friends and coworkers and talk about it till we are blue in the face. But a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that when it comes to grabbing a few tasty bites of chocolate treats, you are bound to eat more, according to […]

15 Things to Do This Weekend

Welcome to the weekend. Ready to get moving? Here are fifteen things you can do at home and around your property to make your living space look great and lose some pounds while you are at it. Being active is a great way to burn more so that you lose more.

Make your bed (and change […]

Fill Up Without Overeating?

Is popcorn the new appetite suppressor?
The low-calorie snack was recently studied to see how it impacted eating habits when eaten 30 minutes before a meal. The study, conducted by Dr. James Rippe of the Rippe Lifestyle institute, indicated that people who ate up to six (seriously, who eats six cups in a sitting?) cups of […]

Breast is Best — For Mom Too!

Good news for breastfeeding moms: not only does breastfeeding benefit the baby, but it also benefits you in the long run.
A new study showed that women who breastfed for more than a year (combined) in their lifetime lowered their risk for a number of ailments including high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. They were […]

How to Live a Longer Life

Fifty years ago, the life expectancy for men and women was drastically different than it is today.  We know more, we do more, quite simply.  Women born in 1900 were expected to only live to approximately 48 years old.  Men?  46.  These days, our life expectancy numbers are much more positive, with women living until […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Fridge

The official start of the new year may be January, but it’s only when all this new life buds into being in spring that it feels like a true beginning.
Something about the warm breezes, invigorating showers, and green shoots of spring makes me (and so many others) want to spruce up the house to match […]

Taco Salad: A Tortilla Lover’s Way to Move On

One of the hardest things about adjusting to my slowing metabolism and suburban lifestyle has been adapting our favorite recipes into healthier ones. This, unfortunately, has meant giving up a lot of our favorite foods- or at least dramatically reducing how often we eat them.
For instance, my favorite dinner is Taco Night. While […]

Beyond Diet Soda and Water: Beverage Options for Diabetics

When you have diabetes, the number of beverages available to you is drastically cut.  Juice and milk raise blood sugar levels astronomically, while regular alcohol use is discouraged.  Caffeinated coffees and teas are okay if they don’t raise your blood pressure.
What else is there?  Diet soda?  But even that may not be good for the […]