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Come On Over, Cupcake!

A few weeks ago, the local supermarket put boxes of Pillsbury cake mix on sale, enticing shoppers with a price so low that even I, a girl with an avowed distaste for cakes from a box, couldn’t resist. I snapped up three boxes.
Two disappointing cupcake recipes later, I was ready to go in an entirely […]

Basil - A Guide to Growing, Harvesting, and Cooking

As part of our ongoing commitment to become better people, my fiancé and I have joined the Urban Gardening movement. In our relatively small D.C. apartment living room, we have tomatoes, jalapeños, habaneras, and a variety of herbs. One of our favorite herbs to grow is basil, because it comes in so many […]

Moisturizer for Beauty with Safety

Yesterday, we chatted about facial cleansers here on Fit Fare. Today, we are moving on to moisturizers.
Whether or not you can feel it after you wash (I sometimes can - my face feels tight), your skin needs moisture restored and locked in for healthy results. But how do you choose the right moisturizer?
First, know what […]

Taking Care of Your Skin

When I was younger, I would spend a good deal of time in the skin care aisle of my local store, reading labels and trying to decipher which product was right for me. Ultimately, this would only happen during the summer months and although I would be devout about the regime while my skin was […]

Tool For Finding In-Season Produce

Ever wonder what exactly is in season in your area at a given time? Me too. And in the harder to decipher months, that can get really challenging.
The Natural Resources Defence Council has a fantastic tool for finding what is growing locally in your state at any given time. Very handy. And it’s perfect for […]

Flank Steak: Past and Present Variations

One of my favorite memories of childhood is the first day that my dad set up the charcoal grill each spring.  Barbecued chicken, shish kabobs, corn-on-the-cob might make it on the menu on Sundays from May to September.  And one of my favorite meals was when my dad would marinate a flank steak for hours […]

Roasted Asparagus Salad with Goat Cheese and Bread Crumbs

To be completely honest, I wanted to post this picture and just write two words: make this. Or maybe MAKE THIS. Because some recipes don’t need words. They just need a call to action.
But then I worried that perhaps that wouldn’t be enough to entice you to make this recipe. And I […]

Get Biking

With the carefree days of summer quickly descending on us, it’s high time to start doing something active and outdoors. Bike riding is a great, healthy, fit place to start.
I grew up with a bicycle practically surgically attached to my body. I literally biked everywhere I could — to the store, to town, to my […]

Caramelized Broccoli with Garlic

Do you think a broccoli recipe can be considered OMG-worthy?  At first, I’d say no.  I mean, broccoli?  Really?  But after this recipe, I just may have to rethink that answer.  I love roasted broccoli.  I love broccoli cranberry salad.  I love broccoli with maple syrup.  But now I have a new way to love […]

Enjoying the Sun Safely

Growing up, the sun was never something to be feared. My family and I didn’t wear sunscreen and didn’t worry about the ill effects of our seemingly never-ending tans. But things change and today everyone knows that shielding your skin from the most damaging rays is essential (though you will never convince me to stay […]