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Superfoods Save Your Healthy Day

The July/August 2009 issue of Health magazine features a list of nine superfoods for women that provide alternatives to common nutrient-rich foods like blueberries and broccoli. Check out these options:
1. Kiwifruit: Instead of oranges, try these fruits also packed with vitamin C.
2. Mushrooms: If your attitude toward broccoli is similar to the first President Bush’s, […]

Ice Cream Without The Guilt

Oh, the simple joys of summer. A day spent laying on the beach. A swim in the pool. A walk at dusk. An ice cream cone. Everything seems so much easier and so much more joyful in the summer …
But if you want your waistline to be joyful, then you’d better be mindful of what […]

Cilantro Lime Sorbet

This is the first summer in 6 years that my fiancé, Dan, has had air conditioning. I was lucky enough to have an air-conditioned apartment while I lived in Baltimore. Our first apartment in D.C. was not air-conditioned and we spent last summer sweltering in the muggy Washington heat. I’ll admit that, […]

The New BodyBugg vs. The Old BodyBugg

Big changes have come to the BodyBugg, making it better than ever.
Longtime readers will remember that I tried out and reviewed a BodyBugg late last year and early this year. That model, which was grey and white and used a AAA battery, has been replaced with a new slim, light black model. BodyBugg was nice […]

Army of Women: The Power of Breast Cancer Research

At first, I thought my friend was just signing up for another breast cancer fundraising site when I got her e-mail regarding Army of Women.  As I sat and read through the website, however, I realized how important it is to be a part of this site.
Army of Women, a joint venture of the Avon […]

A Vegan Version of Atkins Lowers Weight and LDL

Years ago, I got interested in the Atkins diet. It sounded so perfect: you eat as much as you want and the pounds just melt away. All that was required of you was that you stop eating carbs. I did. I had virtually no carbs for months and the pounds really did just melt away […]

Review: R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Essence

It was almost 10 years ago when I first sipped cucumber water and fell in love. I was living at the Biosphere 2 facility in Arizona as part of a college research program and my neighbor (we lived in two-unit dwellings quaintly called Arroyos) had made a pitcher - just water, ice, and cucumber slices. […]

Next on Oprah: A Grain of Salt

The big cover story in this week’s Newsweek is a look at the health information — apparently in most cases, misinformation — propagated by Oprah Winfrey’s signature television talk show:
In January, Oprah Winfrey invited Suzanne Somers on her show to share her unusual secrets to staying young. Each morning, the 62-year-old actress and self-help author […]


This month the farmers market will be overflowing with berries. Everywhere I look there are plump strawberries, and shortly they’ll be joined by blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. And I could not be happier. Not only does this mean that a world of pie is opened up to me, it means that I […]

Strawberries for Blemish-Free Skin?

If you listen to an aesthetician at Splash Spa in New York City, strawberries are the way to go.  In a recent issue of Family Circle magazine, Christine Bibbo Herr, Senior Fashion Editor, shared this tip that she got from the NYC aesthetician:
“(She) told me the easiest skin treatment ever.  Slice a fresh strawberry in […]