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Roasted Asparagus Salad with Goat Cheese and Bread Crumbs

To be completely honest, I wanted to post this picture and just write two words: make this. Or maybe MAKE THIS. Because some recipes don’t need words. They just need a call to action.
But then I worried that perhaps that wouldn’t be enough to entice you to make this recipe. And I […]

Profile: Frieda’s Makes Exotic Produce Commonplace

Back in 1962, the kiwifruit (then known as the Chinese gooseberry) was a virtual unknown to American consumers, but thanks to the grit, creativity and resourcefulness of produce distributor Frieda Caplan, the brown, furry fruit was renamed, promoted directly to consumers and eventually became a staple of fruit salads and bowls across the land.
Frieda’s, Inc., […]

Whatcha Smokin’?

Photo � 2006 by Dennis Crall. Click for larger version.
It’s hard to write about cooking with the smoker without sounding like a nicotine addict or a toker.

“Do you want to smoke something today?”
“Sure. Remember when we smoked stuff last weekend?”
(Giggles all around.)
“We smoked so much the whole neighborhood smelled like it. It’s […]

Granola Bars - Not For Breakfast Anymore

Remember in the 70s when the humble granola bar resembled a stick of particle board and tasted about the same. We found them in our lunchboxes because they were supposed to be a healthy treat that wouldn’t rot our teeth. Then in the 80s, someone came up with the idea to make those granola bars […]

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