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Product review: Attune Probiotic Bars

Probiotics, or the healthy bacteria that support digestive functions, have gotten a lot of press. Women often find it necessary to increase the amounts of probiotics in their diets when they are taking antibiotics; as the name implies, antibiotics kill bacteria, which can include the naturally-occurring bacteria in the body. This can lead to yeast infections […]

Happy New Year! Resolutions You Can Live With

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It’s New Year’s Day, so welcome to 2007. Once Chinese New Year comes around, it will be the Year of the Pig, but that’s no reason to call the year a wash already. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions only to break them by Valentine’s day, but that needn’t be the […]

Holiday parties: with a plan, you can survive.

The holidays can seem like a series of land-mines for people who strive to make healthy food choices.  So many of us associate food with positive memories:  dear Aunt Tillie’s decadent cheese ball, Cousin Ed’s Mile-High custard pie, that antique gravy boat that’s too pretty not to dip into.  Still, believe it or not, you […]

Reduced Fat Pulled Pork

My husband is an Iowa farm boy, and as such, he is a big fan of pork.  I like pork, but I find often find it challenging to find a place for it in a healthy diet.  Normally I go with substitutes whenever I can; he’ll have pork bratwursts and I’ll have turkey; he’ll have […]

The Biggest Loser Cookbook: A Review

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It wasn’t long ago that reality TV seemed like it couldn’t get any lower. It seemed like every season, a new batch of mind-rotting shows would crop up, with titles not all that far off from Adultery Cruise Ship, How to Eat Dead Puppies, and Women: Pretty but Dumb/Men: Smart but Ugly. […]

Whole Wheat Pasta a la Whatever’s Around

Eating healthfully is challenging enough in this world where we’re surround by super sized this and high fructose that.  It’s even harder when you are cooking for more people than just yourself, people who are more committed to foods tasting good than being healthy.  Therefore, those of us who cook for others develop an arsenal […]

Skimming the Fat: Recovering from Thanksgiving without Starving

Those of us who live in the United States are probably feeling a tad bloated right now.  Thanksgiving has a way of making even the healthiest of foods not work out so well.  Take turkey, for example.  Turkey breast is low-fat, high-protein, and low-calorie, so it sounds like a great choice, right?  Sure, until you […]

Cranberries: Let them Linger

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As the fall and winter holidays approach, cranberries make frequent appearances on dinner menus. Cranberries themselves have a lot of nutritional benefits to offer: they are low in calories and can add potassium, some calcium, and vitamins A, B, and C to your diet. However, much like the humble turkey breast that […]

The Vegemite Controversy


When I was a teenager, my family took a trip to Australia.  As the family cook, my father decided to acquaint himself with Australian cuisine before we left.  Since lamb is more popular in Australia than in the United States, he cooked that a few times, but the most exotic new addition to our cupboards […]


Many people probably consider the potato to be the default root vegetable, the tuber of our lives, the staple starch you turn to in times of need. However, in the greater scheme, potatoes are a relatively new player in European-influenced cooking. Like tomatoes, which have come to define Italian cooking, potatoes are a New World […]