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Grandma’s Special Cookies

I absolutely love the Christmas season!  As a child on Christmas Eve, we spent the day finishing up shopping and making last-minute trimmings on the tree.  My mom and I then frantically wrapped all the presents (with the exception of the things my dad had for my mom, which he would reserve for me to […]

The Organic Debate

Some argue that it tastes better. Others contend that it makes you feel better. Yet others cite environmental concerns as their reason for choosing it.  Whatever the reason, it’s hard not to take notice of the organic food craze.  And with superstore organic chains like Whole Foods and bigger selections of organic food in conventional supermarkets, you […]

Good Food? Bad Food?

I read a recent Wall Street Journal article that instructed readers that in order to get the most nutrients from your vegetables you should slather it with butter.  I always thought butter was bad under any circumstance.  I was perplexed but read what turned out to be a very informative article.  These days it seems […]

Brisette Gantt - Bio

Brisette Gantt is an attorney living in New York City. In law school, she did not always have time to make health-conscious food choices. However, she has recently become interested in the healthy lifestyle and eating, especially as it relates to issues that affect women. Brisette�s contributions to FitFare are usually about […]

Think Pink!


Photo courtesy of the BBC
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was initiated over 20 years ago with the knowledge that early detection, diagnosis, and treatment are the best ways to fight the illness. During the month of October, women are reminded to get yearly mammograms, conduct self-breast exams, and get educated about the disease and its […]