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A is for Asparagus

How fabulous is spring? The warm weather, budding trees and longer days all make me happy, but I think that of all the great things about spring, asparagus is my absolute favorite.After months of gooey winter squash and carb-loaded dishes, I love the fresh crunch of lightly sauteed asparagus. It’s a tasty way to ease […]

Simple Spring Cleanse

Do you often find yourself tired or fatigued? Do you often eat fast, fried or refined foods? Do you suffer from headaches or chronic aches and pains? Are you constipated or having problems with digestion? Are you feeling bloated and puffy? Do you drink a lot of alcohol and/or caffeine? Are you looking to jump-start […]

Broccoli is the New Black

When spring comes around, do you notice that you start craving more veggies? Suddenly, your taste for mac and cheese is replaced by a desire for crunchy, crisp, bright green vegetables. Foods that didn’t sound so appetizing only a few weeks ago are now tempting and delicious.
Take broccoli, for example. Those “baby trees,” as some […]

Spring Daydreams

Forget New Year’s, spring is the time when I like to make my resolutions. Something about the warmer air and the budding flowers inspires me to try new things and make new promises to myself.Of course, it’s easy to daydream about what I want to change and accomplish. The difficult part is making it happen.
That’s […]

Passion in a Bottle?

When I heard there was an opportunity to test a tea called “Pure Passion,” I jumped at the chance to try it. Visions of romantic evenings with my fiancé danced in my head. The box arrived and I was curious to see what passion I could find in the bottle of Guayaki Yerba Mate.
What I […]

Bring on the Bananas!

A few months ago, I was reunited with an old fruit friend: bananas. I had given them up after eating one last summer and wanting to pass out afterwards. Although I knew they were full of good energy, they made me want to take a nap. So I decided that bananas weren’t for me, and […]

Breaking Out of a Recipe Rut

Are you stuck in a recipe rut? Cooking the same thing night after night? Of course, having a few go-to recipes can make mid-weeks meals easier to plan and prepare, but too many nights of the same main dish can make dinner a bore.Here are a few tips to get you re-inspired in the kitchen:
Ask […]

Tongue Scraping Adventures

I love it when alternative health care techniques and products become mainstream. Have you noticed organics at the regular grocery store, smoothies at the local sandwich shop and healthy snacks at the airport? It’s an exciting time to be a health nut!
Sometimes, however, the mainstream products miss the mark of their alternative partners. Take, for […]

Healthy Book Club - The 3-Season Diet

This is part of the Healthy Book Club. My mission for the Healthy Book Club is to present you with books that will provide you with the tools and inspiration to live a healthy, balanced and happy life. So pull up a comfy chair and let’s get reading!

I was talking to a friend who admitted […]

Post-Holiday Detox Tea

Phew, the holidays are almost over, and I don’t know about you, but I’m stuffed! Before we hit up the last of the season’s craziness – New Year’s Eve – it’s time to recharge with a little detox tea.
If you’re feeling bloated, puffy or just plain gross, this tea is the cure. Drink a few […]