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Terrific Teff

“No matter whether your goal is to run a marathon, to avoid common allergens like gluten, or simply to eat good tasting food, teff provides all you need for accomplishing these goals.”
That’s some big talk from such an itsy-bitsy grain. Teff is, in fact, the smallest grain in the world. Native to Ethiopia, Teff remains […]


Slowly nearing the end of the alternative flour alphabet, we arrived this week at Spelt. A member of the same grain family as wheat and oats, spelt is actually a different species. Spelt originated about 9000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent and over time made its way to Europe where it continues to be […]

Oat Lover

Alright, I’m obsessed. It started with the oatmeal cookies. Then I got into it with the granola, every Monday fiddling around with oats and a bunch of other stuff to try and concoct the perfect crunchy combination. Then, on the quest for alternative flours, I was stopped in the aisle by an unassuming bag of […]

Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam

Quick! Before the rhubarb is gone for another year, grab a few stalks and that enticingly red and juicy carton of strawberries and get to work. This jam is fast and easy, great swirled into yogurt or smeared on toast. If you’re into canning, you know what to do. For the rest of us, we’ll […]

Mama said Masa

This week, our search for alternative flours leads us south of the US border to Mexico. Without getting into the current legal nonsense surrounding immigration to the US, let me say this: thank goodness so many brave, hopeful and hard-working people have crossed our borders bringing with them their unique cultures, traditions and (bless them) […]

The Amazing, Life-Saving Oat

As a pre-teen, I was once accused of only eating things that looked like horse treats. My diet has since expanded to include lots of other healthy and delicious things but fortunately I have always been, and will always be, an oat-lover. It’s a good thing too, because oats might just save my life.
You’ve probably […]

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, Kamut

Proceeding quickly through the alternative flour alphabet I arrived this week at the letter “K.” I had been getting a little discouraged because so many of the flour alternatives I’d been reading about weren’t available at my local market (I was so excited to try chickpea flour but couldn’t find it). So I bypassed buckwheat, […]

For the Love of Corn

Green Veg, check. Protein, check. I know you’re busy, but don’t forget the gang is coming over for that fit-fab dinner party next week. The menu is fleshing itself out, but now we need to round it out with something really substantial. What to feed the party guests that will leave them satiated but not […]

The Original White Meat

OK, so you have friends coming over for a fit and fabulous dinner next weekend. Luckily, you ran across this fabulous recipe for Swiss chard toasts with pecorino that will make a perfect starter. But what do you feed the healthy hungry folks for the main meal? When entertaining you want to try and please […]

(Alternative) Flour Power

A few weeks ago I received an unsettling phone call from a dear friend. “I might be allergic to gluten,” she said. I stuttered, I stalled, and I was silent. You see, I am a baker, and my friend, she is a lover of baked-goods, specifically my baked-goods, delightfully simple combinations of butter, sugar, flour, […]