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Arnold’s Sandwich Thins

A few months ago my future in-laws turned us on to Arnold’s Sandwich Thins. The rolls are baked up thin and sliced open for sandwiches, which results in a low calorie bread. They are also high in fiber, which is more diet-friendly than a lot of other breads we relish.
At first, I was skeptical. I […]

Cilantro Lime Sorbet

This is the first summer in 6 years that my fiancé, Dan, has had air conditioning. I was lucky enough to have an air-conditioned apartment while I lived in Baltimore. Our first apartment in D.C. was not air-conditioned and we spent last summer sweltering in the muggy Washington heat. I’ll admit that, […]


This month the farmers market will be overflowing with berries. Everywhere I look there are plump strawberries, and shortly they’ll be joined by blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. And I could not be happier. Not only does this mean that a world of pie is opened up to me, it means that I […]

Basil - A Guide to Growing, Harvesting, and Cooking

As part of our ongoing commitment to become better people, my fiancé and I have joined the Urban Gardening movement. In our relatively small D.C. apartment living room, we have tomatoes, jalapeños, habaneras, and a variety of herbs. One of our favorite herbs to grow is basil, because it comes in so many […]

Going Subtle with Guiltless Gourmet

I first became aware of product placement after taking classes on visual culture and media in college. Product placement is a subtle marketing technique where a company pays to have their product appear on a television show or movie so that you see it without it being a glaring advertisement.
When I watch television, I always […]

Taco Salad: A Tortilla Lover’s Way to Move On

One of the hardest things about adjusting to my slowing metabolism and suburban lifestyle has been adapting our favorite recipes into healthier ones. This, unfortunately, has meant giving up a lot of our favorite foods- or at least dramatically reducing how often we eat them.
For instance, my favorite dinner is Taco Night. While […]

Elena Rosemond

Raised by parents who always cook and eat with fresh ingredients, I’ve never met a vegetable she didn’t like. Well, except for escarole. My blog, Biscuits and Such (, focuses on making southern recipes accessible to everyone who wants to know what a grit is and how to dress it up. Now residing in Takoma Park, Maryland, a community with a thriving local and organic food movement, my fiancé, Dan, and I try and make the most out of whole ingredients. We’ve even gone so far as to turn half of our tiny apartment living room into a vegetable and herb garden. I firmly believe that the best recipes are built from two foundations- fresh, unprocessed ingredients, and love. I write for my own blog and for the Well Fed Network’s Fit Fare, Just Baking, and Kids Cuisine.