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Truly Raw-Some Treats

After my most recent debacle with raw food bars, any person in their right mind would assume that it would be a long time before I tried to navigate such unpredictable and often unsavory waters again. Of course, my curiosity will clearly be the death of me, because hardly a week after that first […]

Mixed Up and Unsatisfied

Whether you are trying to slim down in a hurry, or are just in a hurry, nutrition shakes are extremely popular these days. Precisely calibrated for perfect proportions of fat, carbs, and protein, they take the worry out of what might be the “healthiest” choice on a dubious menu, and are very convenient no […]

Kracking the Code to Whole Grains

The words “whole grains” may have meant very little to Americans only two or three years ago, but now that buzz-worthy term is on the tips of all mindful mothers and health conscious consumers’ tongues. Only recently has it gained such attention, and in the first few whispers of this new problem, a panic seemed […]

Mean, Green, and Crunchy

Thanks to modern technology, the processes by which even the simplest foods are made today tend to resemble industrial procedures instead of standard cookery. In countless factories across the country, questionable materials and chemicals are manufactured with the express purpose of being added into edibles, usually with little warning given to the consumer. Such practices […]