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The Flat Belly Diet

I’ve been journeying toward health with the help of the Mediterranean style of nutrition for about 16 months now. I’ve lost a lot of weight but still have a lot to lose. I’ve been convinced time and time again by studies and reviews that the Mediterranean style of eating is by far the […]

Chi-chi-chi-chia SEEDS, Not Pets

You remember the commercial, don’t you? That snappy little jingle that was followed by the TV announcer telling you all you had to do was spread the magic chia seeds on the animal shaped pot, water and poof you had a nice little Chia Pet…? I never had a Chia Pet, but I did give the […]

Ode to a Good Sandwich Wrap

There are few things in life as good as a fresh sandwich wrap. Truly, how much better does it get than to find some lovely fresh flat bread, a few crunchie veggies and some thinly sliced deli meats all rolled together and garnished with the best whole grain mustard you can find?
During the summertime, my […]

Quinoa, My New Favorite Grain

I’m from deep in the heart of Dixie. I’m about as southern born, bred and fed as they come. Hence, one of the reasons for me needing to lose weight! Back in April, the New York Times reported that most demographics were experiencing increases in life expectancy. But one group was lagging […]

Review: Dannon Light and Fit 0% Plus Yogurt

I’ll admit it, I’m a yogurt snob. I’m picky about my yogurt. There I said it. Not just any yogurt will do. When I made a decision to live a more healthful life, yogurt started playing a big part in my new nutrition plan. I tried many kinds of yogurts to make sure I got […]

Fishless Omega 3s

While on a cruise, I enjoyed one of the most wonderful dishes I had ever tasted. The taste of Conch fitters while sailing toward the Bahamas was magnificent . But my joy over a spectacular dish took a turn for the worse. It started with itchy eyes and a scratchy throat, but […]

Baby Steps To Doing a Better Job Taking Care of My Home

Taking care of myself in a more healthful way has evolved in baby steps. A few small changes here and a few small changes there have developed into a new, slimmer, better feeling, more healthful me! The changes were a challenge at first. But they became less and less of a challenge […]