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Eat Right for Your Type

Would you like to find out more about your genetic profile - why you gain or lose weight, what diseases you are susceptible to, and how you react to stress - and which diet and lifestyle plan is right for you?
Well, who wouldn’t? And if you could make changes to your lifestyle now, to keep […]

How to Improve Nutrition at Birthday Parties

How healthy is a children’s birthday party?
Not very, is probably your automatic answer, and you’d be right. But there are a few steps you can take to improve it slightly.
We had a birthday party last night for my 9-year-old son, and it was only afterwards that I wondered how I could have improved the […]

How to Find the Nutritional Value of Almost Anything

If you’re interested in healthy eating - which obviously you are, since you’re here - you might find this site useful …
Nutrition Data has a number of clever tools for you to use to fine-tune your diet for your own health needs, whatever they are - heart care, newly diagnosed diabetic, dieting, trying to gain […]

In season: Jerusalem Artichokes

Well, it’s coming towards the end of their season now, but they’re still worth mentioning - these fabulous little knobbly tubers with a distinctive flavor.
I love Jerusalem artichokes so much we planted some in our garden last year, and are just harvesting the results now. Not, perhaps, particularly successful, but then we are beginners […]

Confused About Which Fats to Choose?

Once upon a time, bakers used butter …
Anyone who has ever baked a cake, cookie, biscuit or pastry, knows that baking needs fat, and traditionally, the best fats to use have been butter or lard.
These are saturated fats, and have become deeply unfashionable in the popular mind as being unhealthy because saturated fats increase […]

7 Steps to Reduce Your Stress by Changing Your Diet

Are you feeling stressed?
Are the foods you are eating making it worse?
It’s all too easy to fall into the habit of eating unhealthily at this time of year, either because you’re determined to lose weight, or because the cold and dark outside leads you to comfort-eat. Eating unhealthily can cause stress, and when we’re stressed, […]

7 reasons not to give up chocolate in 2008

Like many other people, perhaps you’re planning some New Years resolutions?
Here are a few reasons why ‘giving up chocolate’ should NOT be on your list, even if you do want to lose some weight …

Chocolate is an anti-depressant

Serotonin, endorphins and phenylethylamine are all lurking in your chocolate bar, and these are mood-enhancers as well as […]

What Do Vegetarians Eat at Christmas?

If you’ve got a vegetarian coming for Christmas, and you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas:
First, check which variety of vegetarian they are: a lacto-vegetarian will eat dairy products, but not eggs; an ovo-lacto-vegetarian will eat eggs as well as dairy products. If they’re vegan, you’ve got a whole different set […]

Feeling Fit at Forty?

I was browsing an article about exercise at different ages the other day, and realized I was focused on the section covering people in their thirties.
Oops – that’s not me. I refocused on the section for people in their forties, and then realized that in a few years I’m going to need to be reading […]

After 27 Years, It’s All Over Between Coffee and Me

That’s right: after 27 years, I’ve given up coffee.
We met back in 1980, when I was just about to go to university. I decided I would learn to like coffee, and that I would learn to like it black – on the grounds that students never have milk that hasn’t gone off. And I dare […]