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How To Prevent Osteoporosis?

If you are a woman in your early 40’s or higher, you’ve probably experienced aches and pains in your bones, at least at some point in your life. I’m barely 30, and I still experience a shooting pain in my knees when I play a lot or go for a long and steep hike.
Osteoporosis is […]

Add Weight-Training to Your Routine for Successful Weight-Loss

Maybe a few of us dream to look like a supermodels, but absolutely everyone aspires to be fit and look good! It’s really interesting how a little change in your fitness routine can accelerate your chances of achieving your goals. Exercise and a balanced diet plan will not only get you a fit body, but […]

Simple Changes in Your Eating Habits Can Help You Stay Fit

Though we all know about the importance of watching what we eat and going to the gym regularly, we tend to neglect these things, thanks to our busy lifestyles! But managing your weight and staying healthy is not as hard as you think. With just a little more attention to your eating habits, you can […]

Say NO to Sodas and YES to Fresh Juices!

I know a lot of us rely on sodas to quench our thirst during the day, but the more I look at those soda cans, the more revolted I feel, and wish they would all be replaced by fresh fruit or vegetable juices! The world would be a much more healthier place if only we […]

Green Tea - A Perspective Study of Related Truths and Myths

For a long time now, I’ve been hearing about the health benefits of Green Tea, and when I see the skinny Chinese and Asians roaming around in my office sipping tall cups of green tea or herb tea, I am all the more intrigued to find the truth behind the hype of this tea, and […]

Mansi Desai

I'm a software engineer by profession, but food and cooking have been my passions since childhood. What started as helping my mom around the kitchen led to a strong interest in combining flavors and creating good food. I've always loved playing a perfect hostess, and the passion grew stronger after marrying a person who can almost be called a "food critic", and after getting exposed to Food Network chefs and their shows! I love experimenting with different ingredients and cuisines, and have recently started documenting my work on my Food Blog called Fun and Food ( An Indian by birth, I am currently living with my husband in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love food, but at the same time I try maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. When I'm not cooking, you may find me listening to music, engaged in adventure sports, travelling with my hubby and family, reading fiction, writing poems, or spending quality time with my family and friends!