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Pantry Staples: Rice Salad on a Budget

By Ralph and Patti Villers.  We have been on a kick making salads lately. Not your typical leafy green salad, but one made from ordinary and prosaic items, such as grains that we often keep in the pantry. Given the current (high) price of gasoline recently, we employed a ‘raid the pantry only’ strategy. Happily, this […]

Warmth on a Cold Winter Day: Carrot Soup

As it is winter, we enjoy a warm soup. What better on a cold night than a carrot soup? It’s new to us, and we always have plenty of carrots on hand. Besides the sweet taste and fiber load, there are many other health benefits of carrots. Carrots are an excellent source of antioxidant compounds […]

Barley and Bean Salad

By Ralph Villers
With help from Patti Villers

We tolerated a Nor’easter last week, so we are thinking about a summer salad. Further, we have been looking for another use for barley. Of course, just about everybody has probably had barley in a soup, as did we last week. However, we are intrigued about other uses of […]

Potato and Leek Soup

By Ralph and Patti Villers
We enjoy homemade soups when the weather starts to begin its autumnal cool down. It has been several years since we made a leek soup, but have always enjoyed the results.
To keep the calories down, we worked with lower fat items, such as canned chicken broth with reduced fat and sodium, 2% […]

Making Acorn Squash Rings

Truth be told, I am not the cook in this family. I write for a living and write for fun on my personal blog when I’m not at work. I’m a wife and mother of two, and have been for many years. But I’m still rather uncomfortable in the kitchen.My dear husband, Ralph, who uses […]

Frittata Firsts

This is a story about our first foray into frittatas. Ralph has made many omelets but, because he uses a wheelchair and is cooking from a different perspective from those who are able to stand, he has found flipping the egg mixture in one piece to be difficult.
Egg scrambles were easier, but we wanted to […]

Enchilada Lasagna

We enjoy Tex-Mex style of cooking in our home, and this easy to prepare dinner worked well with he four of us. This recipe reminds Ralph of a dish he had at a Mexican restaurant in Denver that was referred to as an Enchilada Tort. The term lasagna is used as it was built in […]

Pasta Salad

By Ralph Villers

This is an appropriate dish for hot weather days. The obvious beauty, of course, is that is something served chilled. In addition, even better, it is simple to prepare and can be made many ways.
Today our choice is a pasta salad. This salad was prepared and served in short order. The ease of […]

A non-alcoholic warm weather drink

By Patti Villers with Cameron Villers
For this month’s entry I thought we’d share an interesting non-alcoholic drink recipe that our son Cameron made for a project in his high school Spanish IV class. Cameron has just finished his junior year and Spanish is one of his best subjects. He said his classmates who sampled the […]

“Yankee” Tropical Salad

When I was thinking of what to make for this month’s entry, it was the first of May. And when I think May, I think of Mother’s Day and my mother, who used to do a lot of cooking.
She often made this tropical fruit salad for my late father, who I would consider a Connecticut […]