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Fighting Anxiety Through Your Diet

Anxiety rules my life.  I hate to admit it, but it does.  One of my goals in the next few months is to work through some of the things that cause my generalized anxiety disorder with cognitive-behavioral therapy.  However, I’d also like to fight the physical effects, such as panic attacks and high blood sugar, […]

What Makes Colorado Fit

Recently, the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released their list of the “fittest” and “fattest states”.  Once again, Colorado topped the list as “fittest”.  As someone who has become rather fit during her years as a Colorado resident, I thought about why we keep leading the pack.

Multi-use trail systems.   […]

Army of Women: The Power of Breast Cancer Research

At first, I thought my friend was just signing up for another breast cancer fundraising site when I got her e-mail regarding Army of Women.  As I sat and read through the website, however, I realized how important it is to be a part of this site.
Army of Women, a joint venture of the Avon […]

Herbes de Provence - An Alternative to Salt

A couple of months ago, we were dining in a local French restaurant and I ordered the steak frites.  To my amazement and delight, the frites were tossed in herbes de provence. I had bought a bag of the spice mixture a few weeks before, at Savory Spice Shop in Boulder, Colorado.   However, I […]

Flank Steak: Past and Present Variations

One of my favorite memories of childhood is the first day that my dad set up the charcoal grill each spring.  Barbecued chicken, shish kabobs, corn-on-the-cob might make it on the menu on Sundays from May to September.  And one of my favorite meals was when my dad would marinate a flank steak for hours […]

Three Easy Ways to Get Back on Track

Over the past year, I’ve started and stopped exercise routines at least three times.  Twice it was because of illness and once because my work schedule was just too hectic and stressful.  Getting back on the exercise wagon can be tough, but I’ve learned three things:

Schedule exercise.  That’s right, go ahead and include four or […]

Beyond Diet Soda and Water: Beverage Options for Diabetics

When you have diabetes, the number of beverages available to you is drastically cut.  Juice and milk raise blood sugar levels astronomically, while regular alcohol use is discouraged.  Caffeinated coffees and teas are okay if they don’t raise your blood pressure.
What else is there?  Diet soda?  But even that may not be good for the […]

Step Away from the Electronics and Do Something!

As I was preparing to write this week’s post, I encountered a very peculiar problem.  Our DSL modem became a useless brick.  My husband and I were forced to think of things to do without the internet for an entire evening.  That’s when it hit me: why not get some housework done and catch up […]

Sweet Discovery for Type-2 Diabetes Sufferer

When you’re watching your carbohydrate intake like I am, it is easy to dismiss fruit as part of a healthy diet. I thought all fruit was off-limits to people with type 2 diabetes who wanted to live the low-carb lifestyle. For a long time, I ignored a dietitian’s advice to include fruit in […]

Dry Mouth - What to Eat and Drink.

Recently, my dentist discovered that my diabetes medication may be contributing to dry mouth.  While I’ve been a mouth breather at night for as long as I can remember, the drastic change in my dental health may very well be attributed the medication I began taking about a year ago.
Besides treatments for diabetes, there are […]

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