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Iron Woman

Women may very well be stronger than men on some levels, but it seems we do have our weaknesses. One of those Achilles’ Heels impacts our ability to maintain our health on a meat-free diet. While most men insist on the imperative of maintaining a carnivore’s palate, it is ironic to […]

Milk & Money

For all my faithful readers out there, this will be my final post here at Fit Fare, so I bid you adieu. I thought I would leave you all with a thought provoking article on diary foods. Long touted as the superior calcium source for strong bones, this idealistic image of dairy is […]

Healthy White Bread? Introducing the New White Whole Wheat Flour

It would seem on first investigation, that healthy white bread is as elusive a creature as wealthy white trash. There is a long-standing dichotomy between bleached white flour and whole wheat flour. If you want to make well-behaved bread products you will favor the former, while those health-conscious granolas out there will insist […]

Nearly Raw*, Grecian “Relish”

When the weather outside is desiccating, only a truly obsessed foodie can be found slaving over a hot stove. The rest of us either escape to a favorite restaurant or graze on easily gathered and minimally prepared foods. The bounty of a summer’s garden becomes a luxury — offering an assortment of fresh […]

Maximizing Calcium

Youth may not be the only intangible item that is wasted on the young. Opportunities for peak health may be another. When we are young, our bodies are primed to stay healthy in many facets of our physiology, including calcium absorption. Young people can absorb between 50% and 70% of the calcium […]

Worth Your Salt

It is only natural to chug a couple more glasses of water than usual, as the temperatures start to soar, but that instinct could prove to be a deadly decision. While you don’t hear about it often, drinking too much water can kill you. Typically that only happens in extreme circumstances, but it is something […]

Mango Lassi

Yogurt-based smoothies are not merely a modern health fad, they are a reincarnation of a drink that has probably been around for thousands of years – what those in India know as lassi (pronounced luh-see). Lassi is a simple concoction based upon blending yogurt with water plus various flavoring agents. Typical additions, depending […]

A Destination Farmer’s Market — Vashon Island

As summer heats up, there are few more congenial places to while away a day in the greater Seattle area than Vashon Island. Perhaps it is the influence of Puget Sound pooling at its feet and the lavish peppering of verdant woods that make the ambiance much more chill. And I’m not just […]

Digging up Dirt on Sodium Benzoate

If you think there’s nothing scarier than food that’s growing a shaggy carpet of mold, then how do you feel about food that is inhospitable to microbial life? A prime example would be McDonald’s french fries, as seen on the DVD extra cuts from the movie “Supersize Me” or in this copycat experiment. […]

Soy Impacts Thyroid Function

Although it is underreported in conventional media, health problems are plaguing some of those who have extensively consumed soy products. Many of these health concerns are being hotly debated, while the scientific evidence is contradictory. Yet the least contested of these negative impacts is that of soy on the thyroid. Even […]