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Miracle Fruit

Miracle Fruit, or as it is some times known as, miraculous berry, does something that is truly a miracle. Native to Africa, this berry does what is nearly unthinkable. While the berry itself is not sweet, it contains a special molecule called miraculin that, when eaten, binds to your tastebuds and makes any food eaten […]

Flat Earth

We generally don’t keep snack foods like potato chips or pretzels around the house, but recently I came across these healthy-sounding Flat Earth Crisps. I picked some of the Tangy Tomato Ranch flavor up.
The crisps are made with rice flour and potato flakes, which sounds odd but was actually pretty tasty. The flavor comes from the […]

All About Kohlrabi

This interesting looking vegetable is kohlrabi. Though it is popular in some European countries, it is not often seen on American tables, which is a shame. Kohlrabi is very high in nutrients and yet low in calories. It is considered a new vegetable, like Brussels sprouts, because it did not appear anywhere until about 400 […]

Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Many people shy away from buy fresh fruits and vegetables because of their reputation of spoiling before you get a chance to eat them. You can avoid this trouble by storing your fruits and vegetables properly so they stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible.

Here are some easy tips:
On the counter, out of […]

Cooking for a Diverse Crowd

Frequently at any dinner party there are people with various food needs. Some common issues are diabetes, veganism, vegetarianism, and celiac disease. Some are a little easier to deal with such as diabetics who have to avoid sugar but mostly just need to stick to a basic, well balanced diet with lean meats and whole […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat But Were Afraid to Ask

It seems like everyone is touting some sort of diet that works for them: low carb, high protein, no carb, limited protein, no fat. It all comes down to this: what does your body really need? The answer is simple: you need all three, just in a balanced way.
You don’t want to get all of […]

John Hopkins’ Free Nutritional Programs, Part Two

Last month I posted about the free nutritional programs Johns Hopkins University is offering online. I decided to take the Nutritional Health, Food Production and the Environment one and see what it was like.
It was pretty intensive. The lecture “notes” are actual MP3s of some lectures and have some commentary. It was like actually attending […]

Seasonal Produce in the Winter?

Everyone knows that it is best to eat seasonally. Seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be nutritious. Not to mention that strawberries in the summer just taste better, right? Now with better food shipping options it is possible to get strawberries in the winter from a far off climate that taste pretty close to […]

Foods that make you feel good!

February can be a tough month.  Much of the United States is in the depths of winter. It gets dark at around 5 p.m., which means if you are stuck in an office all day, your only glimpse of daylight might be on your ride into work. Many people report feeling symptoms of Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) around this […]

“Healthy” Oils?

It sounds like an oxymoron but there really are some oils that are better health-wise than others. The trick is to use the right oil for what you are making and avoiding ones that have saturated fats or trans fats like palm oil, shortening (though there are some trans fat free shortenings now available), hard margarine, and coconut […]