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Wholesome Munchies

I don’t have many regrets about moving to the green mountain state of VT, but I do regret that Crispy Green isn’t sold here. One bite of the light, airy and sweet pineapple chunk assured me that despite the pristine mountain and lake views I’m surrounded by, I am missing out on the tastiest […]

TrueBlue: Not Your Average Juice

It’s been a slow start to spring. It’s still weeks before much of the nation can pick and enjoy summer-ripened berries. If you find yourself craving the refreshingly sweet and tart flavor of fresh blueberries, I suggest that you skip the frozen section and head over to the juice aisle, where you can likely find a […]

Yogurt Cheese Inspired

I first encountered yogurt cheese at a Middle Eastern grocery store and café in Burlington VT, where you can munch on pitas with baba ghanoush, falafel, and kibbeh while browsing the back wall for imported treats. Drizzled with a pungent olive oil, I ripped my pita and dug into the creamy smooth mound of […]

Confessions of a Health Food Junkie: Portion Control from Bruce Wansink’s Mindless Eating

I recently read Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think by Bruce Wansink, Ph.d., after a friend recommended Wansink’s website, the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. I was curious, because while I consider myself fairly in control of my eating habits and eat what most people would consider healthy on a regular […]

Homemade Chocolate Crisps

This originally appearaed on Sugar Savvy. 
My mother always said there would be days like these. And if I were my mother, I would have had leftovers loaves of sweet breads and cookies waiting in the freezer that I could have easily thawed in a moment’s notice. But alas, I’m not my mother and I don’t […]

Sara Burnett

I'm 25 years old and recently moved to Vermont. I work in publishing, but have an eye to towards food writing, at least as a hobby of mine. Of course, I also have an interest in fitness and nutrition and contribute regularly to Fitfare and occasionally to SugarSavvy. I'm always looking to subject my boyfriend, friends, and family to new tastes and cooking experiments, and for the most part, think they enjoy being my tasters as well. ;)