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The Athlete Gourmet - Pizza Party

The night before a race, it’s nice to get together with your friends, other participants as well as family, significant others and other cheerleaders. While many races offer a pre-race pasta party or something along those lines, I’m usually completely afraid of those, with visions of starving athletes and troughs of Chef Boyardee-esque spaghetti. As […]

The Athlete Gourmet Reviews: YouBars

While I’d love you to think that I only ever eat tasty little snacks and concoctions that I’ve cooked up myself, this wouldn’t be true. With busy schedules and an intensive workout plan, I often have to rely on store-bought packaged snacks. This doesn’t mean that I’m any more likely to just settle for whatever […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Power Breakfasts

While on this new intensive workout plan my husband and I have been doing, I’ve found that my usual breakfast hasn’t been quite enough to sustain me till lunch. So after looking around and testing different heartier breakfast options, I’ve settled on one that seems to always do the trick. The best part […]

Peeled Snacks - Shock-olate

When putting together snacks for my husband and myself lately, mixed dried fruits and nuts seemed to be the smartest plan. We have been doing a pretty intense workout schedule and need snacks that have a good balance of protein, carbs and a little bit of fat to get us through the day. […]

The Athlete Gourmet Every Day

Thus far, I’ve been focusing on the best recovery foods or pre-event foods, but if you are an athlete, your diet matters pretty much every day. While you might not be needing as many carbs on the average day as you would before a triathlon, you still need a healthy meal packed with vitamins […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Are You An Athlete?

According to the Oxford Encyclopedia English Dictionary, L athleta f. Gk athletes f. athleo contend for a prize (athlon)
1. a skilled performer in physical exercises, especially in track and field events
2. a healthy person with natural athletic ability
I would like to offer up a third alternative: a healthy person who trains and pushes herself athletically […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Quick and Easy Weekday Meals

Some days, having a well stocked pantry can crucial for post workout recovery. I like to keep my pantry filled with canned beans, such as garbanzos and cannellini. Sometimes, I might finish up a workout and be starving for a filling lunch with some protein to help my muscles recover and some […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Building A Better Baked Good

As I mentioned in the last installment of The Athlete Gourmet, you shouldn’t deny yourself the occasional sweet treat. However, if made properly, cookies and muffins may not even have to fall into the reward category. They could be the perfect pre-run energy or mid-morning snack. The key is using the right kinds of ingredients […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Sweet Rewards

Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, occasional decadent treats are crucial to losing and maintaining one’s weight. The key word there is “occasional.” If you spend your life depriving yourself of treats - no sugars or fats, no chocolate or ice cream - you are more likely to overindulge once you can’t stave off the […]

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bar Review

General Mills has developed a new snack bar - The Fiber One bar. The flavor I sampled was the Oats and Chocolate. There is also an Oats and Peanut Butter variety.
The taste was fine, if a bit sweet for my liking. Chewy with the occasional crunch and a typical cereal bar taste, the […]