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Eat Your Way to Better Oral Health

We know that we shouldn’t eat too much sugar, drinking too many sodas is a definite no-no and that we should be oh-so careful before biting into a Brach’s peppermint. So, is there anything we can eat that’ll actually help our pearly whites rather than harm them?
Here are three foods that’ll not only add some taste […]

Healthy Traditions for the New Year

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is the perfect day to start your new year off on a healthy note. Luckily, plenty of traditions exist that are not only healthy but considered lucky as well.   

In the south, black-eye peas and greens are a New Year’s favorite. Eat greens, they say, and you’ll have an abundance of cash in the […]

Protecting Yourself from Pesticides in Your Food Supply

I admit it. I’m guilty of biting in to a lush Red Delicious without washing and drying it first. Usually, a three-second towel rub is all it gets. Well, this New Year’s, I’m making a new resolution, to limit my exposure to pesticides.
From birth defects to cancer, science has proven pesticides to be a potential danger to our health. […]

The Dish on Sweet Substitutes

After starting a low-carb diet last summer, 33-year-old Elizabeth Nugent cut out pastas and breads from her meals. Though she’s since added whole grains and other complex carbohydrates back into her diet, she continues to exclude refined sugar–depending instead on alternatives like Splenda to curb cravings.
From diet sodas to sugar-free desserts, Americans like Nugent are […]

Cereal: Not Just for Children

Cereal may be the ultimate child pleaser, but the benefits are all adult. Starting your day off with cereal helps you not only start your day off right but also give your health a boost to boot. A bowl here and a bowl there can help you lose weight, gain vitamins, and even stave heart disease away.
When […]

Why are you picking up that fork?

You may overeat for many reasons, among the most common: emotions. In fact, emotional triggers cause an estimated 75 percent of all overeating.
It is unknown why this is, but several theories exist. One theory involves physiological cues that tell your body to reach for that chocolate bar. That chocolate bar, for example, contains chemicals that […]

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

One of pregnancy’s many pleasures is that you can eat what you want with fewer consequences. Even so, be careful of what you eat, as it may harm your baby or yourself.
Most foods aren’t inherently dangerous but could be if contaminated with bacteria or pollutants. During pregnancy, your body supports two, resulting in a weaker […]

Understanding the Nutrition Facts

You’re busy, and you want to eat right. But the last thing you have the patience for–let alone the time for–is to interpret confusing food labels. Seems simple enough, but an overwhelming percentage of us find it difficult and time-consuming. In fact, a study published in the November issue of American Journal of Preventive Medicine […]

The Benefits of Red Wine

A nice red wine may serve as a hearty complement to your next dinner. And better yet, it may just prevent heart disease as well as range of other diseases.
When wine vineyards ferment grape juices and their skins they produce a carmine colored brew, known as red wine. This skin contact produces a wine with […]

Helping Children Lose Weight

The advent of television and video games had an side effect; children are more sedentary than ever, making children larger than ever. Approximately 30 percent of our children and teenagers are overweight, according to the American Obesity Association. If you�ve become concerned about your child’s weight, here are some suggestions.
The goal of children�s weight […]