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Whole Grain Hummus Bread

I received a bread machine as a wedding gift, and it certainly hasn’t gathered dust since we returned from our year in Europe. While I mainly use it for mixing up rolls and pizza dough, I have tried my hand at a few bread recipes, in the quest for healthy, whole-grain loaves that don’t eat […]

Slow Cooking for Your Health

Fall is the perfect time to start cooking again. The kitchen isn’t as stuffy and you won’t break out in a sweat just thinking about turning on the stove. Plus you can easily cook with no oil and less salt in a slow cooker.
Tip: It’s also a great way to cook dried beans. Just store […]

Gas, Charcoal or Wood: Which Has The Best Flavor?

During the summer, my husband and I love to cook outside on our grill. And with a kettle brassiere recently added to the mix, we’re ready to try more variety in our outdoor cooking. But even when experimenting, taste is super important. It might be fun to play with liquid smoke, for instance, but if […]

Proper Cooking of Meats on the Grill

Back a bit, I was able to ask Joan Hansen, test kitchen director for Hormel, a few questions about grilling meats and cooking pork. Her answers were so great that I struggled with how to present them. Rather than spin them into one article, Fit Fare will be featuring the answers all week this week.
How […]

Ode to a Good Sandwich Wrap

There are few things in life as good as a fresh sandwich wrap. Truly, how much better does it get than to find some lovely fresh flat bread, a few crunchie veggies and some thinly sliced deli meats all rolled together and garnished with the best whole grain mustard you can find?
During the summertime, my […]

How to Cook Pork: What’s the Right Temperature?

As a mother, some things worry me. Among them, making sure that meat is properly cooked. I have a handle on chicken and beef, but pork — that’s an enigma. So this week, Fit Fare is talking all about pork.
Let’s talk temp:
The USDA says that pork should be cooked to an internal temperature of […]

Artichokes 101

Have you ever looked at an artichoke in the market and thought, “What the heck am I supposed to do with that?” If so, you’re not alone.
Artichokes are odd looking–like a cross between a hand grenade and a cactus. Plus those tiny thorns on the tops of the leaves can give you a nasty prick […]

Simple Changes in Your Eating Habits Can Help You Stay Fit

Though we all know about the importance of watching what we eat and going to the gym regularly, we tend to neglect these things, thanks to our busy lifestyles! But managing your weight and staying healthy is not as hard as you think. With just a little more attention to your eating habits, you can […]

Breaking Out of a Recipe Rut

Are you stuck in a recipe rut? Cooking the same thing night after night? Of course, having a few go-to recipes can make mid-weeks meals easier to plan and prepare, but too many nights of the same main dish can make dinner a bore.Here are a few tips to get you re-inspired in the kitchen:
Ask […]

Tools for the Diabetic Baker (Or Those Who Love Them)

My husband has decided that this year is the year he is going to work on his baking skills. Baking is really all about chemistry, and, unfortunately, the results can be a little unpredictable when attempting to replace sugary ingredients with lower glycemic substitutes. For example, if you are baking bread and the recipe calls […]