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The New BodyBugg vs. The Old BodyBugg

Big changes have come to the BodyBugg, making it better than ever.
Longtime readers will remember that I tried out and reviewed a BodyBugg late last year and early this year. That model, which was grey and white and used a AAA battery, has been replaced with a new slim, light black model. BodyBugg was nice […]

Understanding My Body Thanks to BodyBugg

You would think after 20-some-odd years, I would know my body, how it functions, what it needs … But I have to admit, I think I have fallen out of touch with it in recent years. Pushed to the limit with stress, exhaustion and demands, I replaced positive patterns of eating for my size with […]

Diary of a Loser: Self Psych Outs

Here’s the scorecard for this week:

Days where I have resisted extra snacks and sweets: 4 
Healthy lunches taken to work: 2
Days I have worked out: 0

I need to work out. I need to work out. I need to work out.
(Maybe repeating it over and over and over again will make it actually happen on a regular basis.)
I […]

Diary of a Loser: Confession Time

After a one week hiatus, Diary of a Loser is back and better than ever. This will be the last Wednesday post though. Beginning this Friday (yes, two days from now) Diary of a Loser is moving to Friday at noon. Check here every week to see where I am at in this crazy weightloss […]

Diary of a Loser: Week 8

Phew. The annual family Christmas party is out of the way. Christmas eve is taken care of. And the eating feast of Christmas is finished. And somehow I came through it all - all the sweets, all the decadent foods, all the eating - losing a pound or two. How cool is that?
All the holiday […]

Diary of a Loser: Week 7

Let me apologize upfront for posting this a day late. I actually did write an entry for yesterday but it was swallowed up by the magic of the internet . . . Don’t you hate when that happens?
Well anyway, I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas cooking. I’m in charge of dessert (and also […]

Diary of a Loser: Week 6

I said it aloud in my office bathroom Tuesday without thinking about the inhabited stalls. I was thinking it for the umpteenth time while looking in the unfriendly giant mirror and it just came out . . .
I look fat.
And it’s true. I wasn’t dressed in a way that excentuates my positives. And these days […]

Diary of a Loser: Week 5

Editor’s Note: This is a continuing series on one woman’s quest for weightloss. Click here to see past entries.
I did a happy dance when I weighed in yesterday (I weigh myself every Tuesday to chart progress) and saw that I had shed another pound. That’s two weeks in a row that’s I’ve showed a loss . . […]

Diary of a Loser: Week 4

This is part of a continuing series on one woman’s battle with weightloss. Click here to see past entries.
Victory is losing one pound during the week of Thanksgiving, despite all the food, leftovers, and desserts eaten for breakfast. Victory is planning your meals for the day and then sticking to it. Victory is allowing that […]

Diary Of A Loser: Week 3

Editor’s Note: This is a continuing series on one woman’s quest for weightloss. Click here to see past entries. 
Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am nervous.
Really, I have no reason to be because the same thing happens every year: I cook crazy amounts of food, preferably in advance. And everything I make, while delicious, begins to turn me […]