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The New BodyBugg vs. The Old BodyBugg

Big changes have come to the BodyBugg, making it better than ever.
Longtime readers will remember that I tried out and reviewed a BodyBugg late last year and early this year. That model, which was grey and white and used a AAA battery, has been replaced with a new slim, light black model. BodyBugg was nice […]

Strawberries for Blemish-Free Skin?

If you listen to an aesthetician at Splash Spa in New York City, strawberries are the way to go.  In a recent issue of Family Circle magazine, Christine Bibbo Herr, Senior Fashion Editor, shared this tip that she got from the NYC aesthetician:
“(She) told me the easiest skin treatment ever.  Slice a fresh strawberry in […]

Moisturizer for Beauty with Safety

Yesterday, we chatted about facial cleansers here on Fit Fare. Today, we are moving on to moisturizers.
Whether or not you can feel it after you wash (I sometimes can - my face feels tight), your skin needs moisture restored and locked in for healthy results. But how do you choose the right moisturizer?
First, know what […]

Taking Care of Your Skin

When I was younger, I would spend a good deal of time in the skin care aisle of my local store, reading labels and trying to decipher which product was right for me. Ultimately, this would only happen during the summer months and although I would be devout about the regime while my skin was […]

Get Biking

With the carefree days of summer quickly descending on us, it’s high time to start doing something active and outdoors. Bike riding is a great, healthy, fit place to start.
I grew up with a bicycle practically surgically attached to my body. I literally biked everywhere I could — to the store, to town, to my […]

Three Easy Ways to Get Back on Track

Over the past year, I’ve started and stopped exercise routines at least three times.  Twice it was because of illness and once because my work schedule was just too hectic and stressful.  Getting back on the exercise wagon can be tough, but I’ve learned three things:

Schedule exercise.  That’s right, go ahead and include four or […]

Breast is Best — For Mom Too!

Good news for breastfeeding moms: not only does breastfeeding benefit the baby, but it also benefits you in the long run.
A new study showed that women who breastfed for more than a year (combined) in their lifetime lowered their risk for a number of ailments including high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. They were […]

80 Days to Train for a Marathon

Well, it’s been 30 days since my last training update and I’m happy to say that my husband and I are well on our way to that marathon. I was pretty nervous about all of the training runs we were going to have to do. You see, I’ve had knee and hip issues for a […]

Get Beach-Ready With Body By Glamour

The first hints of warm weather are starting to nudge into the days and grass is beginning to look positively green … ish. With the tendrils of spring spreading across our lawns and parks, you are probably starting to feel the familiar nudge to shed winter’s layers (including those extra pounds lingering from all the […]

Learn New Things Every Day

This weekend, my kids and I went with friends to a children’s museum here in Connecticut. There was an awesome display there of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods that had bar codes to scan. When you scanned them, you learned mini-facts about each. (Did you know that corn is high in fiber?) So much […]