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The New BodyBugg vs. The Old BodyBugg

Big changes have come to the BodyBugg, making it better than ever.
Longtime readers will remember that I tried out and reviewed a BodyBugg late last year and early this year. That model, which was grey and white and used a AAA battery, has been replaced with a new slim, light black model. BodyBugg was nice […]

Weight-Loss Wish List: Scale the Food Pyramid

The holidays may be right around the corner, but there’s still a number of shopping days left. If you’re looking to expand your wish list (but not your waistline) during this festive season, consider asking for the item that will become your best weight-loss friend: a scale.
No, no, don’t leave!
Not that kind of scale. This […]

My Top 10 List of Dairy-Free (or Vegan) Books for Holiday Giving

I review a lot of books and cookbooks, and would venture to label myself as a self-proclaimed “expert” in the field.  That said, there are many different types of books out there for the special diet foodie … some are practical, some are simply fun, and then there is that special category of gift-worthy.
To be gift-worthy, a […]

Giving the Gift of Fitness

With the Christmas holidays nearly upon us, the folks at Shape magazine have put together a shopping guide that just may help you cross your favorite workout lover off your shopping list:

Gold’s Gym Alpine Tech adjustable weight jumprope ($11 at Wal-Mart)
CherryMax Hammerhead sled to give you total control on steep or icy hills ($299 at […]