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What’s for Lunch? Cooking Light’s Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp

I’ve been given a strict order to take my lunches to work this week.  Seems my “lunch budget” has gotten somewhat out of control.  And I know it’s better for me to bring something from home; everything available to me around the office is either fast food, or the kind of restaurant where it’s hard […]

Progresso Light Gets Lighter

If you’re watching your weight and/or counting calories, then you just may be interested in the latest hook-up in the world of food … Progresso Soup and Weight Watchers have joined forces to create a new line of soups that come in at only 60 calories and 4 grams of fiber per serving. 
For Weight Watchers […]

Subway Introduces Fresh Fit

Subway, the chain sub shop, has finally gotten in on the act of healthy side items.  With their most popular marketing campaign being Jared, and his weight loss eating only Subway way sandwiches, introducing healthy side items is a natural next step … took them long enough.
Choose from 8 delicious subs […]

Kashi for Lunch and Dinner?

Did you know that the folks at Kashi now have an all-natural frozen entree line?  Good.  I didn’t either.  Branching out past their popular and well-known cereal, they created the line with busy families in mind.  They currently have six different options, and they are low in calories (240 to 380) and pretty high in […]

Bento Box Lunches: Fit Fare on the Go

Good things come in small packages.  In Japan, mothers treat the practice of packing a daily lunch as an opportunity to present edible gifts in small packages to their children.   These lunches are known as “Bento or Bento Boxes.”
In the United States, many of us think of Bento Boxes as a divided lacquer dinner tray […]

Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas Part II: Spicy Chickpea Puree With Pita Chips

What’s for lunch?   For many people it’s a snack out of a vending machine or a high calorie meal from a restaurant.  Bringing lunch from home often seems a little too complicated and gets lost in the shuffle of morning activities.  In fact, that was the situation for my husband. He skipped lunch unless […]

Quick and Easy Lunches

When you are trying to juggle many different things such as family, house, and career,  healthy eating is easy to put on the back burner.  Many people think preparing a quick and easy lunch is overwhelming, and something they could not possibly have time for.  I am here to tell you it’s not; and you […]

Desktop Survival

If you are an office dweller, you�ve probably experienced a desktop lunch at some point. You know what I am talking about. Scrolling through the headlines, a plate next to the keyboard and a bottle of soda nearby . . . or maybe it�s email, a coffee and a plastic container of some lunchroom grub. […]