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Tomato, Tomate

Summer may be drawing to a close, but it’s not too late to grab a little bit of sun-ripened deliciousness off the vine.

My grandma’s garden overflowed with plum tomatoes in varying stages of ripeness when I left for the west coast near the end of August. My mom had so many globes and cherries that […]

Stop Eating Unwashed Fruit

Tempted to grab an apple or pear at a farm’s roadside stand and sink your teeth into it? DON’T! In a recent issue of Real Simple magazine, they assessed the risk factor of various actions, eating unwashed fruit being one of them, and it received their highest risk factor rating. As they […]

Higher Antioxidant Levels Found in Organic and Spoiled Produce

As the organic vs. conventional battle rages on, a major new study awards yet another victory to organic produce and dairy. But oddly enough, organics may not be the only antioxidant heavyweight. Look deep within your produce bin to discover the ignored fruit and vegetables that are just a bit past their prime, and you […]

Yams … Getting Out of the Candied Rut

As a child I loathed holiday meals. The turkey was always dry, I hated the consistency of mashed potatoes, and that awful orange-colored dish was always sickeningly sweet. As I grew older I learned that this strange orange-colored dish was actually an American tradition. Yams as they were called (though they were […]

Spring Is The Time for Asparagus

One of my favorite times of the year is spring. I believe a lot of my feelings about this time of the year are connected to childhood memories of gathering wild spring greens and asparagus with my mother. When winter was waning, I would begin to ask my mother when we would stalk wild asparagus. […]

Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Many people shy away from buy fresh fruits and vegetables because of their reputation of spoiling before you get a chance to eat them. You can avoid this trouble by storing your fruits and vegetables properly so they stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible.

Here are some easy tips:
On the counter, out of […]

Seasonal Produce in the Winter?

Everyone knows that it is best to eat seasonally. Seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be┬ánutritious. Not to mention that strawberries in the summer just taste better, right? Now with better food shipping options it is possible to get strawberries in the winter from a far off climate that taste pretty close to […]

The Power Of Red Grapefruit

Some years ago, many of my friends were on the Grapefruit Diet. It was all the rage. Basically, people believed that you could eat just about anything you wanted, if you drank a glass of grapefruit juice along with it. The grapefruit supposedly burned off the fat and helped you lose weight. I remember watching […]

My Second Week As A Vegan: My Favorite Vegan Meal

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my first week’s experience eating a vegan diet. In that installment I talked about breaking the faith, so to speak, by eating two tablespoons of Italian tuna on day seven. Despite the great pleasure I had eating that meager amount, I didn’t go on a tuna […]

My First Week As A Vegan

Over the years, I’ve often thought about becoming a vegan. To my mind, it seemed a healthier, more ethical way to eat. However, it seemed daunting. Meat holds a limited attraction for me, but seafood, eggs, and dairy are my favorite foods. So, I’ve always regarded vegans as incredibly brave to […]