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Moisturizer for Beauty with Safety

Yesterday, we chatted about facial cleansers here on Fit Fare. Today, we are moving on to moisturizers.
Whether or not you can feel it after you wash (I sometimes can - my face feels tight), your skin needs moisture restored and locked in for healthy results. But how do you choose the right moisturizer?
First, know what […]

Taking Care of Your Skin

When I was younger, I would spend a good deal of time in the skin care aisle of my local store, reading labels and trying to decipher which product was right for me. Ultimately, this would only happen during the summer months and although I would be devout about the regime while my skin was […]

How to Stay Healthy When Others Aren’t

I consider myself a healthy person. I (mostly) eat right, I try to get a solid 7 hours of sleep a night, I take my vitamins, and I stay home and away from the rest of the world when I’m sick. However, even though I do just about everything I can to stay healthy, I […]

Tongue Scraping Adventures

I love it when alternative health care techniques and products become mainstream. Have you noticed organics at the regular grocery store, smoothies at the local sandwich shop and healthy snacks at the airport? It’s an exciting time to be a health nut!
Sometimes, however, the mainstream products miss the mark of their alternative partners. Take, for […]