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Breaking a Feast

Editor’s Note: Drinking too much water can be fatal. Too much water can lead to brain swelling, cessation of breathing and ultimately death. Always consult a physician before embarking on any sort of diet, including juice feasting.
“Even a fool can fast, but only a wise man knows how to break the fast properly and to […]

More Adventures in Juice Feasting

“So many good things are happening for me during this juice feast, it is very exciting. I truly love my life and more important, I love myself.” - Melissa Gilbert, of Love Raw Life, Day 64
Juice Feasting is spreading through the raw foods community at a fever pitch. My fellow bloggers and juice feasters […]

An Adventure in Juice Feasting

What’s for breakfast?
My breakfast was spinach, celery and apple juice with a touch of ginger. As a matter of fact, it has been all I have consumed for the past 41 days. Some meals I drink collard greens, cucumber and carrot juice, pineapple juice or coconut water. The point is, I have not […]