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Guys, Eat Your Broccoli

Unfortunately, no matter how I make it, my husband is not going to become a fan of broccoli any time soon. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can chop it up small enough and hide it in a casserole, and he’ll manage a few bites before picking the rest out, but he ain’t requesting it […]

The Cinnamon Controversy

Cinnamon has been getting a lot of press lately. Most of it started in June 2007, when
reporters and newscasters were urging people to sprinkle some cinnamon on their rice pudding (or anything else they liked) because it would lower their blood sugar levels.
The hype was the result of a study from Malmo University Hospital in […]

What You Need to Know About Heart Attacks

I live in a very small town. If I don’t know someone, chances are that someone else I do know does. So, needless to say, news travels with lightning speed here.
Recently, that was the case with news that wasn’t good. A father of three was playing basketball in the gym at Newtown High School. Basketball […]

Strong Bones, Thinking Outside of the Carton

All too often we are blind-sided by the media, led to believe that one food, one product, one vitamin or mineral is the answer to our very health and existence. In reality, our bodies are quite complex, requiring a healthy lifestyle and various nutrients to operate optimally. Yes, it is true that people who are […]

Flaxseed Shows Promise in Cancer Treatment

Flaxseed has made appearances in many forms on my website. I like its nutritional profile, and the ease of adding it to smoothies and other “raw” recipes. When combined with water, ground flaxseed can also act as an egg substitute in baking. But beyond its versatility and Omega-3 benefits, it seems there may be one […]

Pistachios Boost Hearth Health

Not one, but two studies from researchers at Penn State reported on beneficial health findings for this simple little green nut (technically a seed) at the 2007 Experimental Biology meeting in Washington, D.C. It seems this nutritional powerhouse has the ability to tackle heart disease from two angles, cholesterol and blood pressure. In one […]

Take Good Care Of Your Aging Brain With Folic Acid

As the population ages, we hear more and more about Alzheimer’s disease, which gradually destroys cognitive function in affected people as they age. Memory and the ability to process new information declines, and the risk of dementia increases. It can become personal when it occurs in your own family. Like an increasing number of people, […]

Benefits of Eating Fish Outweigh the Risks

This is one of those possibly controversial posts.  How do I know?  Well, at the Worlds of Healthy Flavors event hosted by the Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard School of Public Health - Department of Nutrition there was much seat shifting and rustling of papers when Dr. Eric Rimm’s presentation was given on the topic of how the benefits of […]

Enjoying Thanksgiving One Ounce at a Time

Editor’s Note: Welcome our newest columnist, Kate Ford, to the Fit Fare family. Kate is entering her first holiday season as a post-operative weight loss surgery patient. Look for her continuing series on the third Tuesday of every month. 

I’m preparing to attend my first Thanksgiving Dinner this year as a post-operative weight loss surgery (WLS) patient.  I […]

Good Food? Bad Food?

I read a recent Wall Street Journal article that instructed readers that in order to get the most nutrients from your vegetables you should slather it with butter.  I always thought butter was bad under any circumstance.  I was perplexed but read what turned out to be a very informative article.  These days it seems […]