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Guys, Eat Your Broccoli

Unfortunately, no matter how I make it, my husband is not going to become a fan of broccoli any time soon. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can chop it up small enough and hide it in a casserole, and he’ll manage a few bites before picking the rest out, but he ain’t requesting it […]

Don’t Peel Those Apples

Yes, I realize that the peak of apple season has passed, but it seems that somewhere in the world apples are being harvested with fervor, as my local market continues to put several varieties of these beauties on sale. And I must admit, I am grateful, as my hearty apple crisp cravings seem to […]

Seasonal Produce in the Winter?

Everyone knows that it is best to eat seasonally. Seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be nutritious. Not to mention that strawberries in the summer just taste better, right? Now with better food shipping options it is possible to get strawberries in the winter from a far off climate that taste pretty close to […]

Benefits of Eating Fish Outweigh the Risks

This is one of those possibly controversial posts.  How do I know?  Well, at the Worlds of Healthy Flavors event hosted by the Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard School of Public Health - Department of Nutrition there was much seat shifting and rustling of papers when Dr. Eric Rimm’s presentation was given on the topic of how the benefits of […]

Portion Control Imagery

A few months ago, on my Weight Loss Surgery blog, I posted images of items weighing 100 pounds, to celebrate when I hit that weight loss benchmark, but still felt fat (which I am — it’s just as hard for me to grasp that I was *more* than 100 lbs overweight, as it is for others).  It helped […]

Good Food? Bad Food?

I read a recent Wall Street Journal article that instructed readers that in order to get the most nutrients from your vegetables you should slather it with butter.  I always thought butter was bad under any circumstance.  I was perplexed but read what turned out to be a very informative article.  These days it seems […]